Japanese Minor

Japanese Minor

24 credits


The study of a language minor allows students to enrich their major program with language skills and cultural understanding. The department believes that the best way to understand a culture is through its language. Language structure is taught both holistically and analytically. Holistic language learning is facilitated by modern methods and multimedia technology, as well as study-abroad opportunities. Language courses are complemented by courses in areas such as culture, literature, and linguistics.

Why Consider a Japanese Minor?

The multifaceted programs of the department provide an opening to the world through language, literature, culture and civilization. To be able to communicate in a second language is a fundamental asset in any profession in an increasingly globalized world, from careers in education, translating and interpreting, to those in international studies, health, business or law. Many job listings include proficiency in a world language as a desirable or necessary tool. In addition, a language minor helps students acquire other types of abilities leading to success in the job market: cultural literacy, communication skills, analytical skills, interpersonal skills, a capacity for problem solving, and the ability to learn quickly.

How to Declare (Admission and Declaration Process):

Make an appointment with the Japanese faculty advisor.

When meeting with the advisor, you should bring:

  • An “Official Declaration of Minor” form (available at the Department Office)
  • Documentation for any study-abroad credits earned

Grade Requirements

A grade of C- or better is required for a student’s major or minor courses, and supporting courses for majors and minors. A GPA of 2.50 or above in Japanese courses is required.


❑  JAPN 301 - Third-Year Japanese Credits: 4 GUR: ACGM

❑  JAPN 302 - Third-Year Japanese Credits: 4 GUR: ACGM

❑ One course from:

    JAPN 303 - Third-Year Japanese Credits: 4 (must be taken on campus) GUR: ACGM

    JAPN 401 - Advanced Japanese Credits: 4 (must be taken on campus) GUR: ACGM

❑ Electives (12 credits) from:

     JAPN 200-level (maximum of 12 credits allowed, excluding JAPN 280)
     JAPN 300-level
     JAPN 400-level, excluding JAPN 425

University Graduation Requirements

General University Requirements 2017-18 
Writing Proficiency Requirement (WP)
180 Minimum Total Credits
60 Minimum Upper Division Credits
Residency Requirement
Minimum Grade Requirements
Final Quarter Requirement