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Media Center

Language Media Lab

The Language Media Lab, Miller Hall 022, is equipped with 12 state of the art Mac computers with an extensive application list, a lounge area, and a Level 4 teaching station able to accommodate 25 students. This room also houses the Language Media Library with over 1,000 video and audio titles, a collection of Japanese books, and 20 iPad minis available for student and faculty check out.

Each iPad Mini can be checked out by students for 1 hour lending periods, to be used in our comfortable and conveniently located Media Center.

What are you waiting for?  Stop by TODAY and get to know our Language Media Center Lab Assistants.  They can help you check out an iPad and find the apps you need.

Click HERE to be taken directly to the Language Media Center online catalog.  From there you can reserve titles from the 1000+ video, audio, and multimedia library.  To check out your reserved titles or to visit the library, head down to Miller Hall room 022.  Our friendly and helpful lab assistants will be ready to help you find a great video or check out your reserved titles.  Don't forget to have your Western I.D. card ready, you'll need it to register within the system and to check out or in your items.

If you need assistance outside of normal lab hours or a lab assistant is unavailable, please come to Miller Hall 223 or call 360-650-3918.

The Language Media Lab in Miller Hall 022 has over 1,000 film and music titles in Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish. It also has over 20 iPad Minis loaded with language applications in French, Spanish, German and more. And headphones. Outfitted with a microwave, couch, projector and custom artwork by Spanish Professor Hugo Garcia. Watch a movie with friends or bring a study group. Contact Sara Helms ( to reserve the space. MCL