Dr. Harsh Buddhadev

Assistant Professor

Ph.D., Kinesiology, Iowa State University, 2015

M.S., Kinesiology, University of North Texas, 2011

B.P.T, Physiotherapy, Gujarat University, 2007 

(360) 650-4115

Carver 201H

Office hours: Monday-Friday 9-10 am

Current Courses

KIN 306: Measurement and Evaluation in Kinesiology

KIN 311: Biomechanics

Selected Publications

  1. Buddhadev, H.H.and Martin, P.E. (2016). Effects of age and physical activity status on redistribution of joint work during walking. Gait & Posture, 50: 131-136.
  2. Vingren, J.L., Hill, D.W.,Buddhadev, H.H., & Duplanty, A.A. (2013).Postresistance exercise ethanol ingestion and acute testosterone bioavailability. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 45 (9): 1825-32.
  3. Buddhadev, H.H., Vingren, J.L., Duplanty, A.A., & Hill D.W. (2012). Mechanisms underlying the reduced performance measures from using equipment with a counterbalance weight system. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research,26 (3): 641-47.
  4. Irvin, K., Ede, A.,Buddhadev, H.H., Driver, S., & Ronai, P. (2011). Physical Activity and Traumatic Brain Injury. Strength and Conditioning Journal, 33(4):43-47.
  5. Ede, A.,Buddhadev, H.H., Irvin, K., Driver, S., & Sorace, P. (2011). Circuit Training Recommendations for Individuals with a Traumatic Brain Injury. Strength and Conditioning Journal, 33(4):48-51.
  6. Vingren, J.L.,Buddhadev, H.H., & Hill, D. W. (2011). Smith machine counterbalance system affects measures of maximal bench press throw performance. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, 25 (7): 1951-56.