Dr. David Evans, CCC-SLP

Assistant Professor

Ph.D., University of Nebraska-Lincoln

M.A., University of Maine

B.A., University of Colorado-Boulder


(360) 650-3178

AIC 376

Current Courses

CSD 352: Anatomy and Physiology of the Speech Mechanism

CSD 353: Speech Science

CSD 453: Introduction to Speech Disorders

CSD 401: Writing Lab

CSD 550: Voice Disorders

CSD 554: Stuttering

CSD 558: Clinical Practicum

Research Interests

Psychosocial aspects of stuttering

Communication in virtual environments

The contextual variability of stuttering 

Social and emotional factors of speech production 


Faculty Research Interests


Selected Publications

Evans, K. J., & Evans, D. L. (2019). Interpretation of nonverbal cues by people with and without TBI: Understanding relationship intentions. International Journal of Language & Communication Disorders, 54, 377-389. doi: 10.1111/1460-6984.12443

Evans, D. (2016). Fluency Disorders. In K. Evans & M. Fraas (Eds.), An Interactive Introduction to Communication Disorders. Dubuque, IA: Great River Learning.

Thomas, N., Evans, D., Russ, S. (2013). “A Markovian Algorithm for Creating Immersive Public-Speaking Audiences”, Consumer Electronics (ICCE), 2013 IEEE International Conference on Consumer Electronics (pp. 384-385).

McKelvey, M., Evans, D. L., Kawai, N., Beukelman, D. (2012). Communication styles of persons with ALS as recounted by surviving partners. Augmentative and Alternative Communication, 28, 232-242.

Evans, D., Healey, E. C., Kawai, N., & Rowland, S. (2008). Middle school students’ perceptions of a peer who stutters. Journal of Fluency Disorders, 33, 203-219.

Hall, N. E. & Evans, D. L. (2004). Examining adaptation and bilingualism in stuttering. In A. Packman, A. Meltzer, & H. F. M. Peters (Eds.) 4th World Congress on Fluency Disorders: Proceedings (pp. 363-368). Nijmegen, The Netherlands: Nijmegen University Press.

Selected Presentations

Bernstein-Ratner, N., Blanchet, P., Dellinger, R., Evans, D., Gabel, R., Gregg, B., Grossman, H., Howells, K., Hudock, D., Michise, J., Neiders, G., Osborne, C., Palasik, S., Raj, E., Scaler Scott, K., Shields, L., Sonsterud, H., Tetnowski, J., Wesierska, K., Williams, D., Yaruss, S.  (2018, October). Talk to a Professional. International Stuttering Awareness Day Online Conference.

Miller, T., & Evans, D. (2015, November). Stuttering in the Movies: Effects on Adolescents Perceptions of People who Stutter. Poster presented at the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, Denver, CO.

Agius, J., Barcal, N., Beal, D., Bernstein-Ratner, N., Dahm, B., Eldridge, K., Evans, D., Felsenfeld, S., Kuster, J., Manning, W., Onslow, M., Osborne, C., Sarfati, R., Sawyer, J., Scaler-Scott, K., Shapiro, D., Shields, L., Sisskin, V., Sonsterud, H., Subramanian, A., Williams, D., Yaruss, S.  (2013, October). Ask an Expert. International Stuttering Awareness Day Online Conference.

Evans, D. (2013, July). Beyond fluency: Understanding how social context influences stuttering in adolescents and adults. The Cooper Lecture Series. University of Alabama, Department of Communicative Disorders; Tuscaloosa, AL.

Panico, J., Evans, D., & Zelanak, J. (2013, November).The Influence of Secondary Behaviors on Listener Perceptions of Stuttering. Poster presented at the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, Chicago, IL.

Thomas, N., Evans, D., Russ, S. (2013, January). A Markovian Algorithm for Creating Immersive Public-Speaking Audiences. Paper presented at the International Conference on Consumer Electronics, Las Vegas, NV.

Evans, D., & Healey, E. C. (2012, July). Relationships between Speech Motor Variability and Autonomic Arousal in Adults who Stutter. Paper presented at the 7th World Congress on Fluency Disorders, Tours, France.

Evans, D. (2010, January). The effects of linguistic, memory, and social demands on the perceptually fluent speech of adults who stutter. American Speech, Language, and Hearing Association’s Special Interest Division – 4 Leadership Conference; Tampa, FL.