Dr. Angela Fillingim

Assistant Professor

2015 | University of California at Berkeley,                                                                            

            Ph.D. in Sociology


2009 | University of California at Berkeley

 M.A. in Sociology


2007| University of California at Davis

B.A. in Sociology 

(360) 650-7213

Current Courses

Soc 234: Immigration

Faculty Research Interests

Human Rights, Immigration, International Law, Latin America, Race, Political Sociology

Selected Publications

Bloemraad, Irene, Heidy Sarabia and Angela Fillingim. Forthcoming. “Citizenship Acts: Legality, Power and the Limits of Political Action.” in Within and Beyond Citizenship, edited by Nando Sigona & Roberto G. Gonzales. New York: Routledge. (Solicited Book Chapter) 

Bloemraad, Irene, Heidy Sarabia and Angela Fillingim. 2016. “‘Staying out of Trouble’ and Doing what is ‘Right:’ Citizenship Acts, Citizenship Ideals and the Effects of Legal Status on Second-Generation Youth.”  American Behavioral Scientist. 60(13) 1534–1552.

Fillingim, Angela. 2014. “Central American Child Migrants: Political Crisis or Humanitarian Question.” Berkeley Review of Latin American Studies. Fall.

Fillingim, Angela. 2013. “Mobilization after Repression: Reconsidering the Role of Testimonies and Exiles in Post- War El Salvador.” Societies Without Borders. 8 (1). (Peer Reviewed Journal)