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College of Humanities & Social Sciences

Dr. Ron Helms


PhD, University of Oregon

(360) 650-7927

AH 526

Ronald Helms received his B.A. from California State University, Chico (1987), and subsequently went on to earn M.S. (1994) and Ph D. (1997) degrees while attending the University of Oregon. Dr. Helms spent two years on faculty at Washington State University before joining the Sociology faculty here at Western Washington University in 2000. Dr. Helms’ currently teaches courses in the areas of Crime, Law, and Deviance and also Military Sociology. His quantitative research has focused primarily on political and social determinants of punishment and social control. Other research has addressed various social and economic determinants of violence in U.S. central cities. Dr. Helms also does research in the area of security studies and has published several papers addressing aspects of counter-terrorism and cyber-terror threats. Currently, Dr. Helms is engaged in research relating to U.S.-Mexico border security with an emphasis on diverse sources of violence and related challenges to social control in cities on both sides of the border.

Faculty Research Interests

Criminal justice, criminology, research methods

Selected Publications

Helms, Ronald and S.E. Costanza. (2014). “Energy Inequality and Instrumental Violence: An Empirical Test of a Deductive Hypothesis.”  SAGE Open. (April-June): 1–17.

Helms, Ronald, Gutierrez, Ricky S., and Reeves-Gutierrez, Debra. (2014). “Public Sector Responses to Jail Mental Health: A Review with Recommendations for Future Research.” Sociology Mind. Vol.4, No.1, 31-35.

Costanza, S.E.; Helms, Ronald; Kilburn Jr., John. C. and Koski, Susan V. (2013) The Weed and Seed Initiative and Police Activity Within Communities. in Global Community Policing: Problems and Challenges (eds: Arvind Verma, Dilip K. Das and Manoj Abraham). Taylor and Francis, Oxford, U.K.

Costanza, S.E. and Helms, Ronald. (2012). Street Gangs and Aggregate Homicides: An Analysis of Effects during the 1990’s Violent Crime PeakHomicide Studies 16(3) 280-307.

Gutierrez, Ricky S., Reeves-Gutierrez, Debra, and Helms, Ronald (2011). Service Learning and Criminal Justice Students: An Assessment of the Effects of Co-Curricular Pedagogy on GPA and Graduation RatesJournal of Criminal Justice Education 23:3, 356-380DOI: 10.1080/10511253.2011.590514.

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Research Interests

  • Criminal Justice
  • Criminology
  • Research Methods