Dr. Linda Keeler

Associate Professor

2006 Ed.D. West Virginia University - Sport and Exercise Psychology

2006 M.A. West Virginia University - Community Counseling

2000 M.A. University of Maryland at College Park - Kinesiology (sport psychology specialization)

1994 B.A. Colgate University - Psychology

(360) 650-3514



Current Courses

KIN 320 Psychology of Sport

KIN 321 Sociology of Sport

KIN 420 Seminar in Sport Psychology


KIN 421 Psychology of Exercise

KIN 542 Seminar in Sociology of Sport

KIN 551 Applied Sport and Exercise Psychology


Please visit the Center for Performance Excellence website: www.wwu.edu/cpe

Selected Publications

*Skidmore, B., Keeler, L. A., Chalmers, G., & Russell, K. (2016). The “Squat-n-Swap”: A pilot exercise intervention to promote increased physical activity among mothers of young children. Women in Sport and Physical Activity Journal, 24, 162-169. doi: 10.1123/wspaj.2015-0037

*Beeman, B., Keeler, L. A., Patton, K., & Ciapponi, T. (2014). Goal-setting revision, effectiveness, and frequency in the multi-event in track and field. Track and Cross Country Journal, 2(3), 266-276.

Keeler, L.A., Clifford, D.E., *August, B., *Kowalski, P., & Neyman Morris, M. (2013). Examination of a peer-led, non-diet nutrition and exercise adherence pilot program on a college campus: FitU. California Journal of Health Promotion, 11(1), 84-96.

*Capretto, A.D., & Keeler, L.A. (2012). Examination of a hazing workshop intervention for intercollegiate sport club athletes. Recreational Sports Journal, 36, 113-126.  

Keeler, L.A., & Watson, II, J.C. (2011). The transtheoretical model and psychological skills training: Application and implications for elite female athletes. Athletic Insight, 13(2).  

Clifford, D., Keeler, L.A., Gray, K., *Steingrube, A.,& Neyman Morris, M. (2010). Weight attitudes predict eating competence among college students. Family & Consumer Sciences Research Journal, 39, 184-193. 

Keeler, L.A., & Zizzi, S. (2009). A model for supervision of applied sport psychology consultations in division I college sports. In R.J. Schinke (Ed.), Contemporary sport psychology (pp. 187-213). Hauppauge, NY: Nova Science Publishers, Inc.

Keeler, L.A., Etzel, E.F., & Blom, L.C. (2009). Initial examination of a brief assessment of recovery and stress (BARS). Athletic Insight, 11(1), 47-61.

Keeler, L.A. (2007). The differences in sport aggression, life aggression, and life assertion among adult male and female collision, contact, and non-contact sport athletes. Journal of Sport Behavior, 30(1), 57-76. 

*denotes student advisee