Dr. Baozhen Luo

Associate Professor

PhD, Georgia State University; BA, Nanjing University, China

(360) 650-7913

AH 531

Current Courses

SOC 302 Classical Socioloigcal Theories, SOC 333 Aging and Societies, SOC 437 Changing China: Culture, Community, and Citizenship (Global Learning Course)

Dr. Baozhen Luo obtained her B.A. in Journalism at Nanjing University (Nanjing, China) in 2003 and her Ph.D. in Sociology from Georgia State University (Atlanta, GA) in 2009. She also received a graduate certificate in Gerontology from GSU.

Dr. Luo’s primary scholarly interest centers on population aging and welfare state within a global context. Her current research examines political economy and long-term care policies and practices from a cross-national and comparative perspective. Her current research agenda can be divided into three parts--the first part examines the impact of neoliberalism on income security, long-term supports and services, and moral culture toward the elderly in capitalist societies in the East and the West; the second part specifically focuses on how Chinese welfare policies for the elderly have evolved in the past decades under the leadership of Chinese Communist Party within the political economic framework of "Socialism with Chinese Characteristics;" the third part is dedicated to the search for an alternative model of economic development and welfare state to care for the increasing size of the elderly and other vulnerable populations in the developing world, departing from the neoliberal model promoted and imposed by the west.  

Dr. Luo’s teaching interests include Classical Sociological Theories, Sociology of Aging, and Contemporary Chinese Society. She aims to fuse theory and practice and fosters interactive learning. Service learning is a core component of her courses, which helps the students connect what they learn in class and from the books with what is going on in the local communities.

Dr. Luo also brings her students to the larger global community. She leads a global learning course entitled Changing China: Culture, Community, and Citizenship on a yearly basis. Through intensive reading, writing, traveling, and field research, students are guided to examine the basic dynamics of contemporary Chinese politics and society, explore the complexities of power at the local level, and understand how Chinese people define and remake their communities in the face of both rapid change and surprising continuity.

Dr. Luo also enjoys different forms of meditation, reading, tea drinking, mountain hiking, making and appreciating art, and traveling around the world. 


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Faculty Research Interests

Political Economy, Welfare State, Global Aging, Retirement Security, Long-Term Care Policies and Practices

Selected Publications

Peer Review Journal Articles and Book Chapters (Since 2011)

Luo, Baozhen and Heying Zhan. 2018. “Aging Related Welfare Programs in China: Later-Life Income Security and Elder Care Services.”  Social Policies in China, edited by Weizhen Dong. Rock’s Mills Press, Canada. Forthcoming. 

Li, Ying, Baozhen Luo, Chenchen Huang, and Junmin Wu. 2017. “Chinese Seniors’ Leisure Participation and Constraints in Five Cities.” Asian Social Science. Vol. 13 (11). 

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Luo, Baozhen. May/June, 2015. “China Will Get Rich Before It Grows Old: Beijing’s Demographic Problems Are Overrated.” Foreign Affairs.

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Luo, Baozhen and Heying Zhan. 2011. “Filial Piety and Functional Support: Understanding Intergenerational Solidarity among Families with Migrated Children in Rural China.” Ageing International 37 (1): 69-92.


Luo, Baozhen. 2007. “Shopping Cultures: Dating attitudes and behaviors among second-generation Chinese American Youths.” VDM Verlag Dr. Müller, Berlin, Germany.

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Research Interests

  • Chinese Americans
  • Contemporary Chinese society
  • Global aging (political economy & long-term care policies and practices & community)