Dr. Baozhen Luo

Associate Professor (on leave)

PhD, MA, Georgia State University; BA, Nanjing University, China

(360) 650-7913

AH 505

Current Courses

SOC 302 Classical Socioloigcal Theories, SOC 333 Aging and Societies, SOC 437 Changing China: Culture, Community, and Citizenship (Global Learning Course)

Dr. Baozhen Luo obtained her B.A. in Journalism from Nanjing University (Nanjing, China) in 2003 and her M.A. and Ph.D. in Sociology from Georgia State University (Atlanta, GA) in 2009. 

Luo's scholarly activities examine China and its people's presence on the global stage politically, economically, and culturally.  Population aging is a central focus of her current research agenda.  In the classroom, she aims to fuse theory and practice and to foster community-based service learning.  Luo also leads a study abroad course in China every other year.  Students are guided to explore the complexities of power at both central and local levels and understand how Chinese people define and remake their communities in the face of both rapid change and surprising continuity. 

Luo enjoys different forms of meditation, mountain hiking, making and appreciating art, tea drinking,  and traveling around the world. 

Faculty Research Interests

Social Theories, Global China, Population Aging, Globalization

Selected Publications

Selected Publications

Luo, Baozhen and Shaohua Zhan. “Crossing the River by Feeling for Different Stones: Contesting Models of Eldercare Marketization and the Development of China's Public Long-Term Care Service.” Journal of Chinese Governance. Forthcoming. 

Polivka, Larry and Baozhen Luo. “Neoliberal Health and Long-Term Care in the United States.” Chapter for Book Project Precarity and Ageing: Understanding Changing Forms of Risk and Vulnerability in Later Life. Forthcoming. 

Luo, Baozhen and Heying Zhan. 2018. “Aging Related Welfare Programs in China: Later-Life Income Security and Elder Care Services.”  Social Policies in China, edited by Weizhen Dong. Rock’s Mills Press, Canada. Forthcoming. 

Li, Ying, Baozhen Luo, Chenchen Huang, and Junmin Wu. 2017. “Chinese Seniors’ Leisure Participation and Constraints in Five Cities.” Asian Social Science. Vol. 13 (11). 

Polivka, Larry and Baozhen Luo. 2017. “Neoliberal Long-Term Care: From Community to Corporate Control.” The Gerontologistdoi: 10.1093/geront/gnx139.

Liang, Jiayin and Baozhen Luo. 2016. “It Was All Planned…Now What? Claiming Human Agency and Constructing Meaning in Everyday Retirement Life in Urban China.” Ageing and Society. Available on CJO 2016 doi:10.1017/S0144686X16000830. 

Luo, Baozhen. May/June, 2015. “China Will Get Rich Before It Grows Old: Beijing’s Demographic Problems Are Overrated.” Foreign Affairs.

Zhou, Kui and Baozhen Luo. 2015. “Lost-Child Families’ Fertility Decisions and Relevant Factors After the 2008 Wenchuan Earthquake in Sichuan, Southwest China.” Chapter 13 in H. James and D. Paton, (eds.)

Polivka, Larry and Baozhen Luo. 2015. “The Future of Retirement Security in a Neoliberal Economy.” The Gerontologist (Special Issue: White House Conference on Aging 2015) 55(2): 1–8.

Research Interests

  • Chinese Americans
  • Contemporary Chinese society
  • Global aging (political economy & long-term care policies and practices & community)

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