Dr. Liz Mogford

Associate Professor

Ph.D., Sociology, University of Washington

M.P.H., International Health, University of Washington

(360) 650-3002

AH 524

Current Courses


Population Issues, Soc 221

Global Citizenship, Intl 302

Introduction to Research Methods, Soc 306

Global Health, Soc 348

Population Health Advocacy, Soc 435

Global Learning Programs: 

Kenya: Social Justice and Society, Intl 437H 

Global Health in the Himalayas, Intl 437D/Fairhaven 437d 

Himalaya Cultures and Ecology, Field Studies in Ladakh, India, Fairhaven 437B 

Kenya and Rwanda International Service-Learning Field Studies, Intl 437H, Soc 437L 


Elizabeth (Liz) Mogford is an Associate Professor in the Department of Sociology at Western Washington University and an Affiliate Associate Professor in the Department of Global Health at the University of Washington. She earned her B.A. in Liberal Arts at St. John’s College in 1990, a M.A. in Sociology and a M.P.H. in International Health at the University of Washington in 2002 and completed her Ph.D. in Sociology at the University of Washington in 2007.

Professor Mogford’s teaching and research are interdisciplinary, combining sociology and public health. Her research interests include the social determinants of health, violence against women, critical health literacy, and global citizenship. She is a leader in WWU’s faculty led Global Learning Programs and has led Western students on nine trips to four countries. These include: Kenya-Rwanda International Service Learning Field Studies, Himalaya Cultures and Ecology, Global Health in the Himalayas and Kenya Social Justice and Society.  She was a Peace Corps Volunteer, focusing on public health and gender in development, in Cameroon from 1994-1997 and has conducted research in India, Mexico, and Kenya. In addition to teaching and research, Liz works on advocacy and outreach for advancing global health equity. Currently this includes being a board member of Health Alliance International and the Institute for Village Studies, an advisory board member of Just Health Action and the Western Regional Global Health Conference, and a member of the Whatcom County Health Department “Place Matters” Leadership Team. Just Health Action is a Seattle-based health advocacy organization that she co-founded in 2005.



Faculty Research Interests

Social determinants of health, violence against women, global citizenship

Selected Publications

Fuist, Todd, Elizabeth Mogford, and Abhijit Das. 2018. “Lifestyle movements as social networks: The connections between everyday politics and larger collective action in an Indian feminist movement,” Sociological Perspectives. Published online 2-19-2018. https://doi.org/10.1177/0731121418757505.

Mogford, Elizabeth, Courtney Irby and Abhijit Das. 2015. “Changing men to change gender: Combatting hegemonic masculinity through antiviolence activism in northern India.” International Journal of Sociology of the Family. 41(2):71-93.

Mogford, E. and Lyons, Christopher. 2014. “Village tolerance of abuse, women's status, and the ecology of intimate partner violence in rural Uttar Pradesh, India.” The Sociological Quarterly 55:705–731.

Das, Abhijit, Elizabeth Mogford, Satish K. Singh, Ruhul Amin Barbhuiya, Shishir Chandra and Rachel Wahl. 2012. “Reviewing responsibilities and renewing relationships: an intervention with men on violence against women in India.” Culture, Health & Sexuality: An International Journal for Research, Intervention and Care 14(6):659-675.

Mogford, Elizabeth. 2011. “When status hurts: Dimensions of women’s status and domestic abuse in northern India.” Violence Against Women 17:835-857.

Mogford, Elizabeth, Linn Gould, and Andra DeVoght. 2011. “Teaching critical health literacy as a means to take action on the social determinants of health.” Health Promotion International 26: 4-13.

Gould, Linn, Elizabeth Mogford, and Andra DeVoght. 2010. “Successes and challenges of teaching the social determinants of health in secondary schools: case examples in Seattle, Washington, USA.” Health Promotion Practice 11:26S-33S.

Hirschman, Charles and Elizabeth Mogford. 2009."Immigrants and industrialization in the United States, 1880 to 1920.” Social Science Research, 38:897-920.

Almgren, Gunnar, Maya Magarati and Elizabeth Mogford. 2009. “Examining the influences of gender, race, ethnicity and social capital on the subjective health of adolescents.” Journal of Adolescence, 32:109-133.

Mogford, Elizabeth and Abhijit Das. 2007. A different reality: Exploring changes around men, violence against women and gender equality. Uttar Pradesh, India: Sahayog Press.

Mogford, Elizabeth. 2004*. “Structural determinants of infant mortality in sub-Saharan Africa: A cross-national study of economic and social influences from 1970 – 1997.” Biodemography and Social Biology 51:94-120. (*Published in 2007, journal back-issued to 2004.)

Research Interests

  • Demography
  • Global health
  • Social determinants of health

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