Jennifer Noveck


M.A., Ph.D., Political Science, University of Washington

B.A., International Affairs, Northeastern University

(360) 650-3469

AH 413

Not teaching Spring 2018

Current Courses

Winter 2018

PLSC 309, Globalization from Political, Economic and Social Perspectives (MWF 1-2:20)

PLSC 372, International Political Economy (MWF 10-11:20)

Jennifer Noveck received her Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of Washington and has ten years of experience in political economy research specializing in labor issues in global supply chains, regulatory reform, decentralization, rule of law, corruption, and social accountability in developing countries.  She has been a consultant for the World Bank and has three years of field experience in China, Japan, and Southeast Asia. 

Jennifer has been an instructor at the University of Washington where she developed and taught courses on Comparative Politics, Labor Rights in the Global Economy, and the Political Economy of Development.  Beginning in Winter 2018, Jennifer will be an instructor with the Political Science department at Western Washington University.

Selected Publications


2015. “Building Capacity, Building Rights? State Capacity and Labor Rights in Developing Countries.” World Development 72: 127-139. With Daniel Berliner, Anne Regan Greenleaf, and Milli Lake.

2015. “Aligning Rights and Interests in Global Supply Chains.” Annual Review of Law and Social Sciences. Vol 11. With Daniel Berliner, Anne Regan Greenleaf, Milli Lake, and Margaret Levi.

2015. “Decentralization and Power-sharing in Post-conflict Sierra Leone.” World Bank Working Paper Series. With Amanda Clayton and Margaret Levi.

2013. “Aligning Interests with Rights: When, Why and How to Uphold Labor Standards.” World Bank. WDR: Jobs. Official Background Paper. With Margaret Levi, Christopher Adolph, Daniel Berliner, Aaron Erlich, Anne Regan Greenleaf, and Milli Lake.


2015. Labor Standards in International Supply Chains: Aligning Rights and Incentives. Edward Elgar Publishing. With Daniel Berliner, Anne Greenleaf, Milli Lake, and Margaret Levi.