Dr. Jun San Juan

Associate Professor

Ph.D. University of Oregon - Biomechanics

M.A. San Diego State University - Biomechanics, Athletic Training

B.S. University of the Philippines, Diliman - Sport Science


(360) 650-2336

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KIN 312 - Functional Anatomy



Dr. Jun San Juan was born and raised in the Philippines. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Sport Science at the University of the Philippines in Diliman, Quezon City. In 2000, Dr. San Juan moved to the United States to pursue graduate school. He earned his M.A degree in Physical Education with a major in Biomechanics and Athletic Training at San Diego State University (SDSU). Dr. San Juan then continued graduate school at the University of Oregon and finished his PhD in Biomechanics.

Dr. San Juan joined Western Washington University in 2013 as an Assistant Professor in Kinesiology in the Health and Human Development department. He has been a certified Athletic Trainer since 2005 with the National Athletic Trainers’ Association Board of Certification.

Research Interests  

  • Shoulder Biomechanics
  • EMG Biofeedback in Strength Training and Rehabilitation
  • Lower Extremity Biomechanics
  • Functional Movement Evaluation 


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Faculty Research Interests

Shoulder Biomechanics

Selected Publications

  1. San Juan, JG., Gunderson, S., Kane-Ronning, K., Suprak, DN. (2016). Scapular kinematic is altered after electromyography biofeedback training. Journal of Biomechanics. Jun 14;49(9):1881-6. doi: 10.1016/j.jbiomech.2016.04.036. Epub 2016 May 3. PMID: 27161990
  2. San Juan, JG., Roach, S., Lyda, M., Suprak, DN. (2015). The effects of exercise type and elbow angle on vertical ground reaction force and muscle activity during a push-up plus exercise. BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders. 16: 23.
  3. Lugade, V., Chen, C-J., Erickson, C., Fujimoto, M., San Juan, JG., Karduna, AR., Chou, L-S. (2015). Comparison of an Electromagnetic and Optical System during Dynamic Motion. Biomedical Engineering Applications, Basis and Communications (On-Line Ready). doi: 10.4015/S1016237215500416
  4. Roach, SM., San Juan, JG., Lyda, M., Suprak, DN., Boydston, C., Bies, AJ. (2015). Passive Hip Range of Motion is Reduced in Active Subjects with Chronic Low Back Pain Compared to Controls.  International Journal of Sports Physical Therapy. 10(1): 13-20.
  5. Roach, S., San Juan, JG., Lyda, M., Suprak, DN., Boydston, C. (2014).  Patellofemoral Pain Subjects Exhibit Decreased Passive Hip Range of Motion Compared to Controls.  International Journal of Sports Physical Therapy. 9(4): 468-75.
  6. San Juan, JG., Kosek, P., Karduna, AR. (2013).  Humeral head translation after a suprascapular nerve block.  Journal of Applied Biomechanics. 29(4): 371-79.
  7. Roach, S., Sorenson, E., Headley, B., San Juan, JG. (2013).  Myofascial Trigger Points in the Hip as a Contributing Factor in Patellofemoral Pain.  Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. 94(3): 522-526.
  8. Roach, S., San Juan, JG., Lyda, M., Suprak, DN. (2013).  Concurrent Validity of Digital Inclinometer and Universal Goniometer in Assessing Passive Hip Mobility in Healthy Subjects.  International Journal of Sports Physical Therapy. 8(5): 680-88.
  9. Suprak, DN., Donegan, J., Morales, G., Stroschein, J., San Juan, JG. (2013).  Scapular kinematics are altered by shoulder elevation in a traditional push-up.  Journal of Athletic Training. 48(6): 826-35.
  10. San Juan, JG., Karduna, AR. (2010).  Measuring humeral head translation using fluoroscopy: A validation study.  Journal of Biomechanics. 43(4): 771-74.




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