Jay Teachman


PhD, University of Chicago

BA, Western Washington University

(360) 650-7214

AH 505

Jay Teachman is a professor in the Department of Sociology. He graduated from Western in 1974 and received his Ph.D. from the University of Chicago in 1978. Prior to returning to Western, he served on the faculties of the University of Iowa, Brown University, Old Dominion University, the University of Maryland, and Washington State University.

Professor Teachman maintains a long-standing interest in families and how families change over time. He has published a number of articles concerning topics such as divorce, remarriage, child support, and cohabitation. Dr. Teachman is Co-Principal Investigator with Professor Tedrow on several grants: "Determinants and Consequences of Military Service: 1940-1988"(PDF);“Military Service and Patterns of Marriage, Cohabitation, and Union Dissolution”(PDF);"Impact of Military Service on Health"(PDF), all funded by the National Science Foundation; and“Stimulating Undergraduate Interdisciplinary Research in Population and Health” funded by the National Institute on Aging (20072008).

Professor Teachman is an avid fly fisherman, who also likes to ride horses and golf.


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Faculty Research Interests

Statistics, methods, demography, family

Selected Publications

J. Teachman.  2011.  “Setting an Agenda for Future Research on Military Service and the Life Course.”  Forthcoming in J. Wilmoth and A. London (forthcoming), “Life Course Perspectives on Military Service.”

J. Teachman.  2010.  “Are Veterans Healthier?  Military Service and Health at Age 40 in the All-volunteer Era.”  Social Science Research, forthcoming.

J. Teachman.  2010.  “Health, Education, and the Risk of Marital Disruption.”  Journal of Marriage and Family, forthcoming.

J. Teachman.  2010.  “Wives’ Economic Resources and Risk of Divorce.”  Journal of Family Issues, forthcoming.

J. Teachman.  2010.  “Work-related Health Limitations, Education and Risk of Marital Disruption.”  Journal of Marriage and Family 72:919-932.

J. Teachman.  2010.  “Family Life Course Statuses and Transitions: Relationships with Health Limitations.” Sociological Perspectives, 53:201-219.

J. Teachman.  2009.  “Military Service, Race, and the Transition to Marriage and Cohabitation.” Journal of Family Issues, 30:1433-1454.

M. Lemmon, M. Whyman, and J. Teachman.  2009.  “Active-Duty Military Service in the United States:  Cohabiting Unions and the Transition to Marriage.” Demographic Research, 20:195-208.

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J. Teachman.  2005.  “Military Service in the Vietnam Era and Educational Attainment.”  Sociology of Education 78:50-68.

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J. Teachman.  2004.  “The Childhood Living Arrangements of Children and the Characteristics of their Marriages.”  Journal of Family Issues 25:86-111.

C. Albrecht and J. Teachman.  2003.  "Childhood Living Arrangements and the Risk of Premarital Intercourse."  Journal of Family Issues 24:867-894.

J. Teachman.  2003.  “Childhood Living Arrangements and the Formation of Coresidential Unions.” Journal of Marriage and Family 65:507-524.

J. Teachman.  2003.  “Premarital Sex, Premarital Cohabitation, and the Risk of Subsequent Marital Dissolution Among Women.”  Journal of Marriage and Family 65:444-455.  Reprinted in J. Davidson, N. Moore, and T. Fischer (eds).  2009.   Speaking of Sexuality: Interdisciplinary Reading, Oxford University Press.

J. Teachman.  2002.  “Childhood Living Arrangements and the Intergenerational Transmission of Divorce.”  Journal of Marriage and Family 64:717-729.

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J. Teachman, G. Duncan, J. Yeung, and D. Levy.  2001.  "Covariance Structure Models for Fixed and Random Effects."  Sociological Methods and Research 30:271-288.

J. Teachman, L. Tedrow, and K. Crowder.  2000.  "The Changing Demography of America's Families."  Journal of Marriage and the Family 62:1234-1246.




Research Interests

  • Demography
  • Methods
  • Statistics

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