Dr. Toby Ten Eyck


PhD, Louisiana State University

(360) 650-7521

AH 511

Toby A. Ten Eyck studies the role of art as a communication tool in society. He and his wife, Sheri, own and operate Wandering Oaks Fine Arts Gallery and Glass Studio. Toby joined Western Washington University's Sociology Department as a temporary instructor in 2016 after receiving his PhD from Louisiana State University in 1998 and teaching at Michigan State University from 1999 to 2015.


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Faculty Research Interests

Community and urban culture

Selected Publications

Ten Eyck, Toby A. And Lawrence Busch. 2012. “Justifying the Critique: Following the lead of Clement Greenberg and Michael Kimmelman”. Cultural Sociology6(2):239-253.

Ten Eyck, Toby A. and Emily Christensen. 2012. “Speaking of Art: Class code or historical residual?The Social Science Journal 49(3):330-338.

Ten Eyck, Toby A. and Brette Fischer.  2012.  “Is Graffiti Risky? Insights from Newspapers and the Internet.” Media, Culture, and Society 34(7):832-846.

Research Interests

  • Community
  • Urban Culture