Dr. Weiwei Zhang


PhD,  Boston University 

(360) 650-3618

Arntzen Hall 527

Weiwei Zhang received her PhD in Sociology from Boston University. Her primary areas of research interest are globalization, food and sustainability, culture, economic sociology, and urban sociology.  Her research and publications focus on how diverse cultural traditions affect people's strategies towards economic decision-making in the context of globalization.  Upon receiving a postdoctoral fellowship from Georgetown University, she was engaged in two research projects. On the one hand, she studied food safety and sustainability issues in China. On the other hand, she collaborated on a project researching funeral arrangements. She is currently in the process of extending her dissertation into a book manuscript.

Her teaching interests include urban sociology, globalization,  food and inequality, environmental sociology, consumer culture, and social theory. Her courses tend to provide students with reflective perspectives on differences within global spheres, and to prepare them to succeed in multicultural global societies. 
In her free time, Weiwei enjoys playing the piano and playing table tennis. 


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Faculty Research Interests

globalization, food and sustainability, culture, economic sociology

Selected Publications

Zhang, Weiwei. (forthcoming). “Consumption, Taste, and the Economic Transition in Modern China.” Consumption Markets & Culture. 

Becky Hsu, Weiwei Zhang, and Christine Kim. 2017. “Surveying Happiness: Measures and Components of Subjective Well-Being in China.” The Journal of Chinese Sociology 4:14.

Zhang, Weiwei. 2015. “No Cultural Revolution?: Continuity and Change in Consumption Patterns in Contemporary China.”  Journal of Consumer Culture (Article first published online: 18 OCT 2015 | DOI: 10.1177 /1469540515611201).