College of Humanities & Social Sciences

Academic Requirements, Reflection Papers, Portfolio, Evaluation and Grading

Placement Information

The student placement information summary form (here) is submitted to the Intern Coordinator during the first week of the Internship. This contains the following information:

  • Description of expected assignments or duties
  • Duration and working hours of the internship
  • Office address and phone number of the intern
  • Name, title, office address and phone number of the intern's supervisor


Submit your student placement information summary form using the on-line form on the department website. You will receive a confirmation response after submitting the form on the web. Print a copy of the confirmation page to include in your internship portfolio at the end of the quarter.

Please note that students are solely responsible for researching and evaluating the acceptability of any risks to their health, safety and well-being regarding their host site selection and chosen field experiences.

Reflection Papers

Interns will write three short papers reflecting on aspects of the internship experience. The first two statements address questions posed below. The final reflective statement will be based on a question or idea developed by the intern. Details include:

  • Reflective responses should be one to three pages in length.
  • Due on the third, sixth, and final week of the internship.
  • Submit reflection papers #1 and #2 as an e-mail or e-mail attachment to and type PLSC 444 Reflection in the subject line.
  • Print a copy of your e-mail and attachment to include in your internship portfolio.
  • Reflection #1 –"What surprises you most about the internship experience? How is it different than you expected based on what you have read or learned in the classroom?" (Due Week 3)
  • Reflection #2 "What is the most challenging aspect, positive or negative, of your internship placement?" (Due Week 6)
  • Reflection #3 – You create the question or idea for the final reflective response. (Due with final portfolio)

Internship Project/Paper

Depending upon the nature of the intern's assignment with the agency, a project report or paper is submitted at the end of the quarter. Project reports are submitted in those cases where the intern has been responsible for the preparation of an agency report, a copy of which can be submitted to the instructor as evidence of the intern's report preparation skills. In those cases where the intern's assignments do not lend themselves to the submission of a substantial project report, a paper is required. Length and scope of the paper is determined by the number of credits in the internship.

Papers are prepared in the format prescribed in the Department handout and in strict accord with the policy concerning plagiarism.

The approach, topic, format, and length of the internship project report or paper is to be discussed with the Intern Coordinator no later than the fifth week of the quarter.

Internship Evaluation

  • Supervisor's Evaluation of the Intern's Performance

An evaluation of the intern's performance is prepared by the intern's supervisor and is either submitted online, mailed directly to the Intern Coordinator, or is given to the intern by the supervisor for inclusion in the internship portfolio. Click here to find the Supervisor's Evaluation Form.

  • Intern's Evaluation of the Internship Experience

A brief evaluation of the internship experience is to be prepared by the intern and included as part of the internship portfolio in order to assist the instructor in considering whether the agency is appropriate for future placement of interns. This evaluation is treated as confidential by both the student and the instructor.

Internship Portfolio

An internship portfolio is due on the first day of finals week, unless another time is agreed to by the intern and the Intern Coordinator. The portfolio is an opportunity for you to bring together and show-case your internship experience. Although you may have submitted some of the required elements earlier in the quarter, you are required to include copies of the following:

  • Placement information
  • Three reflection papers
  • Project report or paper
  • Intern's evaluation of the internship experience
  • Samples of letters or other work produced during the internship
  • Other correspondence or articles the intern decides to include
  • Name and office address of the person writing the final intern evaluation

The internship portfolio is to be bound in one notebook or contained in one large envelope with the student's name and WWU ID number, the Intern Coordinator's name, the course prefix and number, and the academic quarter and year in which the student is registered for the internship indicated clearly on the cover or the outside.

Please confer with the Intern Coordinator if you need to use an alternative format for the internship portfolio.

Grading Policy

Part of the course grade will depend upon your careful adherence to these instructions. The final grade will be based upon the academic requirements described above and the agency supervisor's evaluation.