College of Humanities & Social Sciences

Administrative Internship

Administrative Internships in Political Science (PLSC 444)

Internships link academic learning to meaningful work experience. Completion of an internship is an excellent way to learn new skills, and refine your personal and professional interests. Establishing contacts in your field and gaining real-world experience for your resume will help you toward future career goals. Internships are often found in public or private agencies, political campaigns or law offices. We will also consider any internship ideas that you bring to us. All internships completed for Political Science credit must be approved by the Internship Coordinator.


Administrative Internship Brochure

Qualifications of Student Interns

  • Completion of the core field requirements: PLSC 250, PLSC 261, PLSC 271, PLSC 291
  • Completion of at least one advanced course in the field of study to which the internship most closely relates
  • Acceptability to the agency

Internship Details