College of Humanities & Social Sciences

Political Science Faculty - Cynthia Horne

Cynthia Horne
Associate Professor

Contact Information

Phone : (360) 650-2910
Office: AH 440

See photos and information about Professor Cynthia Horne's research in Central and Eastern Europe here.



Ph.D., Political Science, University  of Washington
M.S., Political Economy, Russian Studies, Georgetown University
B.A., Government, Russian Studies, Dartmouth College

Research Interests

  • International & Comparative Political Economy
  • Post-Soviet Politics & Economics
  • International Relations

Selected Publications


  • Post-Communist Economies and Western Trade Discrimination: Are NMEs our Enemies? New York: Palgrave-MacMillan, 2006.

Journal Articles

  • "Assessing the Impact of Lustration on Trust in Public Institutions and National Government in Central and Eastern Europe." Comparative Political Studies, forthcoming Vol. 45, No. 4 (2012).
  • "Lustration and trust in public institutions: A retrospective on the state of trust building in Central and Eastern Europe." Sfera Politicii, Vol. 142 (2009): 33-46. Invited piece for special issue on 20th anniversary of the fall of Communism.
  • "International Legal Rulings on Lustration Policies in Central and Eastern Europe: Rule of Law in Historical Context," Law & Social Inquiry. Vol. 34, No. 3 (2009): 713-744.
  • "Late Lustration Programs in Romania and Poland: Supporting or Undermining Democratic Transitions? Democratization. Vol 16, No. 2 (2009): 344-376.
  • Edited Volumes
  • "Trust and Transitional Justice." In Lavinia Stan and Nadya Nedelsky (eds.) Encyclopedia of Transitional Justice. New York: Cambridge University  Press, 2011, forthcoming.
  • "Intellectual Property Rights and Transitional Economies: Does IPR Compliance Improve Economic Development?" Patent Protection. ICFAI Law Books Division: ICFAI University , 2009.
  • "Distrust as a Trade Impediment: European Trade Policy Toward Non-Market Economies, in Russell Hardin, ed., Distrust. New York: Russell Safe Foundation, 2004 (peer reviewed).
  • "Does Lustration Promote Trustworthy Governance? An Exploration of the Experience of Central and Eastern Europe." Co-authored with Margaret Levi, in Susan Rose-Ackerman, Janos Kornai, eds. Honesty and Trust in Transitional Societies. New York: Palgrave-MacMillan Press, 2004 (peer reviewed).