College of Humanities & Social Sciences

Political Science Faculty - Shirin Deylami

Shirin S. Deylami
Associate Professor


Contact Information

Phone: (360) 650-2913
Office: AH 409


Ph.D. Political Science, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
M.A. Political Science, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
B.A. Politics and Women's Studies, University of California, Santa Cruz

Research Interests

  • Contemporary Political Theory
  • Islamic Political Thought
  • Feminism and Sexuality
  • Comparative Political Theory

Selected Publications


  • "Saving the Enemy: Female Suicide Bombers and the Making of American Empire." Forthcoming in International Feminist Journal of Politics.
  • "In the Face of the Machine: Westoxification, Cultural Collision, and the Making of Perso-Islamic Ideology." Polity, April 2011.
  • "An Occidental Monster?: Western Perversion, Westoxified Foreign Subjects, and the Making of Islamic National Identity," Critical Sense, Fall 2005.