Bachelor of Arts - Politics/Philosophy/Economics
83 credits


A multidisciplinary major designed to provide a solid grounding in disciplines that are critical to decision making and leadership in economic, political, and social service institutions.


Economics Requirements

  • ECON 206, 207, 303, 310
  • 12 additional upper-division economics credits
  • One (1) Communication Focus (CF) course within the College of Business and Economics (CBE)


Political Science Requirements

  • PLSC 250, 261
  • PLSC 271 or 291
  • 9 additional credits from the American Politics and Public Policy Field
  • 4 additional credits from the Political Theory field

Philiosophy Requirements

  • PHIL 102, 112, 114, 320, 350, 360
  • 9 additional upper division philosophy credits

Plan of Study

Major evaluation/plan of study forms are available in the Political Science Office (AH415) or print one: PDF icon PPE Plan of Study 2017-18.pdf

Senior evaluations for this combined major requires Advisor approval in Economics, Philosophy and Political Science.


Also required by Western Washington University:
WWU requires a minimum of three writing proficiency points in approved upper-division writing proficieny courses (WP3) with a minimum grade of C-.  This requirement can be completed as part of the above required and elective credits.

Consult the Timetable of Classes for the specific course sections that fulfill the Communications Focus  (within CBE) and WP3 requirements.