Bachelor of Arts - Politics/Philosophy/Economics
98-99 credits

A multidisciplinary major designed to provide a solid grounding in disciplines that are critical to decision making and leadership in economic, political, and social service institutions.

 Political Science Requirements (35 credits)

  • One course from: PLSC 250 or PLSC 261

  • One course from: PLSC 271 or PLSC 291

  • One course from: PLSC 309 or PLSC 370 or PLSC 372 or PLSC 390

  • One course from:PLSC 491 or ECON 491

  • 4 credits of a 400 level political science course with political economy content, such as PLSC 403, PLSC 406, PLSC 420, PLSC 427, PLSC 430, PLCS 436, PLSC 450, PLSC 453, PLSC 462 or by approval of the chair

  • 12 additional credits from upper division political science

Philosophy Requirements (27 credits)

  • PHIL 102 and PHIL 112 and PHIL 114 and PHIL 320 and PHIL 350 and PHIL 360

  • 9 additional upper division philosophy credits

Economics Requirements (36-37 credits)

  • ECON 206 and ECON 207 and ECON 303 and ECON 310

  • One course from:ECON 306 or ECON 307

  • 12 additional upper-division economics credits

  • One Communication Focus (CF-E) course within the College of Business and Economics (CBE)

  • One course from:MATH 124 or MATH 134 or MATH 138 or MATH 157 (or AP Calculus Exam with score of 3 or better)

  • Note: ECON 309, ECON 446 and ECON 447 may not be counted toward this major.


  • A minimum of three writing proficiency points in approved upper-division writing proficiency courses (WP-3 points) at WWU with a minimum grade of C-. The WP requirement can be met with courses from any of the combined major departments.  These requirements can be completed as part of the above required and elective credits.


Plan of Study

Major evaluation/plan of study forms are available in the Political Science Office (AH415) or print one: PPE Plan of Study 2018-19.xlsx

Senior evaluations for this combined major requires Advisor approval in Political Science, Philosophy and Economics.