Transfer Credits

If you are a student transferring to Western Washington University or a current student considering a study abroad program, you may have questions about how credits will transfer and apply towards your studies in Political Science.


For Students Transferring to Western from a College in Washington State:

Students who undertake comparable coursework in Political Science at a Washington state community college or baccalaureate institution are often able to transfer those credits to apply towards degree requirements at Western Washington University.  For example, a student who has completed Political Science 202, American Government at Bellevue Community College will receive credit at Western for Political Science 250, The American Political System.  However, not all courses can be transferred as equivalents to Political Science classes at Western.

For a complete list of transferable courses in Political Science (and other fields), please consult the Transfer Course Equivalency Guide available on the Registrar’s Office website.  The site allows students to search by school and subject and includes Washington state community colleges and baccalaureate institutions.

Alternately students can run a Transfer Equivalency Report using Web4U to show how credits from the transfer institution will be accepted at Western.  (Select Student; Select Student Records; Select Transfer Equivalency Report).


Transferring Credit from Other U.S. Institutions:

Students wishing to receive credit for Political Science classes that they took at another college (and are not listed in the Transfer Course Equivalency Guide) are asked to provide the department with a syllabus from the class as well as any other work that demonstrates the scope of material covered. Transfer class equivalencies will be reviewed by the Chair of the Department before credit is approved to be counted toward the major. The more information about the class that you can provide, the more likely you are to receive credit for it.


Applying Transfer Credits towards the Major/Minor:

The Political Science Major requires a total of 60 credits, at least half of which must be completed at Western.  No more than 12 transfer credits can be accepted toward the Political Science Minor.


For Students Considering a Study Abroad Program:

The Political Science Department encourages and supports study abroad programs for the learning and cultural experiences they offer our students.  We understand that students are also anxious to ensure that their international experiences will count towards their degree requirements at Western Washington University.  Students can apply a maximum of 10 approved study abroad credits towards their Political Science major requirements.

Students participating in WWU Faculty-Led Travel Programs such as the summer South Africa NGOs in Development program will earn Western credits that can be applied towards their degree program.   For other study abroad experiences, transfer credit is not approved in advance of the program.  In cooperation with the International Programs & Exchanges Office, the Department will evaluate the completed coursework when the student returns to WWU and provides the following documents:

  • A transcript from the foreign institution showing completed coursework.
  • Syllabi
  • Course descriptions of the courses being evaluated.

Please note that a minimum grade of C- is required for credit to be considered. 

For more information, please refer to the Registrar’s Office Transfer Credit page.