Declaring the Major

Requirements to Declare the Psychology Major

To declare a major in psychology, a student must have the following: 

  • Completed at least 75 credits;
  • Successfully completed or be currently enrolled in Psychology 301;
  • Achieved a GPA at Western Washington University of 2.70 or higher (based on at least 12 credits). A GPA of 3.0 or higher in Psychology courses completed at Western Washington University, including Psychology 301, may substitute for the overall 2.70 GPA.

How to Declare the Psychology Major

The Pre-Major

Students intending to take PSY 301 and declare a Major in Psychology must first declare a Psychology Pre-Major. The Psychology Pre-Major and Major are highly impacted. The number of students wishing to take the Pre-Major and Major exceed the number of spaces available. As a result, there is a GPA and completed credit requirement for both Pre-Major and Major applications.

Prerequisites for a Psychology Pre-Major:

  1. Completion of at least 15 Psychology credits by the end of the current quarter (this includes Western credits, transfer credits, and AP classes). At least 5 of those credits must be from Western.
  2. Completion of PSY 101, or transfer credit for that class, as indicated on the Transfer Equivalency Report.
  3. Completed (including classes currently enrolled in) at least 90 credits;
  4. Achieved a Western GPA (based on at least 12 credits) of 2.60 or higher. In the absence of a Western GPA, a GPA of 2.6 or higher from an equivalent four-year institution (based on at least 12 credits) or a cumulative GPA from a completed Associates degree may substitute for the Western GPA.


Please note: The link to the application form above will only work during the Major Declaration period, which runs for two weeks starting the third full week of the each quarter.

The Psychology Major

Beginning of the third week of each quarter, students who meet the requirements for declaring the major (see requirements at the top of this page) should visit the Psychology Department main office (Academic Instruction Center 434) to submit a copy of their Total Academic History and Transfer Equivalency Report (if applicable). Students can obtain a print copy of these materials via Web4U.

Students who have not yet achieved the required GPA may apply to declare the major during the quarter in which they believe their GPA will meet the required GPA. If at the end of the quarter the student does not yet meet the required GPA, s/he should go to the front desk of the Psychology Department to discuss how to proceed.