Annie Riggs, PhD

she/her, Associate Professor


Dr. Riggs runs the Social Cognitive Development Lab, which is part of the Child Development Research Group at WWU. Our lab studies how young children think and learn about their social worlds, including their understanding of social norms, gender, and moral issues. Dr. Riggs is not currently accepting undergraduate research assistants for the 23-24 AY, but will be accepting graduate students for the experimental program for Fall 2024. 

Research Interests

child development, cognitive development, morality, gender, pretend play

Current Courses

230- Lifespan Development  

307- Experimental Research and Statistics

334- Cognitive Development

430- Moral Development 

(on professional leave Winter and Spring 2024)

Selected Publications

Recent publications from the Social Cognitive Development Lab: 

Riggs, A.E. & Gonzalez, A.M. (in principle acceptance). Similarity or Stereotypes? An investigation of how exemplar gender guides children’s math learning. Developmental Science.

Riggs, A.E.  & Fast. A.A. (in principle acceptance). Happy Normativists: Do children express happiness when following conventional norms? Developmental Science.

Riggs, A.E., Kinard, D. & Long, M. (2022) Children's evaluations of gender non-conforming peers. Sex Roles, 88(1-2), 17-34   

McLean, K. C., & Riggs, A. E. (2022). No age differences? No problem. Infant and Child Development31(1), e2261.

Riggs, A.E.(2020) Riggs, A. E. (2020). Is or ought? Reactions to violations help children to distinguish norms and regularities. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology194, 104822.

Riggs, A. E.,& Long, M. (2020). The Domain Frequency Association: A mental shortcut to guide children’s generalization of norms and preferences. Cognitive Development54, 100853.