The Women Studies Minor

The Women Studies Minor enhances any major and adds a valuable aspect to one's training for the professional world.

Minor Requirements

The minor includes five core courses and additional electives for a total of 30 credits. Courses not listed as Women Studies courses may be substituted at the discretion of the Director if these courses focus primarily on women and/or women's experiences. Students are expected to earn at least a C+ in courses counting toward the minor. Close advisement is recommended, as new courses may apply to this minor.


Required Five Core Courses

1. Women Studies 211 (4 credits)
2. Women Studies 411 (4-6 credits)

One course from each of the following areas at 300 level or above. (See below for options.)

3. Women in History and Politics
4. Women in Science and Society
5. Women in Language

Additional Electives to Total 30 Credits

Women in History and Politics

These courses examine women's role and constructions of gender in history and politics: WS 311, 313; Fair 310*, 362, 363, 392, 411, 412, 417, 418; Hist 265, 367, 368, 369, 417*, 435, 463, 471a, 471b, 556*; Pol Sci 345, 469, 421

Women in Science and Society

These courses examine social constructs and theories pertaining to women's identity and roles, drawing especially on issues of class, race and gender; women's work and the economy; families and households: Anth 353, 453, 553; Fair 313, 314, 338, 341, 345, 347, 445; Psych 119; Soc 268, 354, 359, 368; WS 314.

Women in Language and the Arts

These courses discuss feminist critiques of representations of women in language and literature, visual and performance arts, and the media: Comm 416*, Eng 309*, 310*, 311*, 338, 408, 417*, 451, 514*, 550*, 575; Fair 362, 389; Thtr 428*; WS 314

Each academic year the Women Studies office compiles a list of all courses with a gender/Women Studies focus.

* Courses whose titles change quarterly may not be applicable to the Women Studies minor. Only select courses taught by Women Studies faculty with a Women Studies focus are applicable to the minor.


Apply for the Minor

Women Studies minors need to apply for the minor. Download the application form and schedule an appointment with the Women Studies Director. Students who are registered for the minor are eligible for the Women Studies Scholarship and receive priority for registering for Women Studies 211.