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Department of Journalism Job & Internship Opportunities from Handshake
The Department of Journalism has partnered with the Career Services Center to showcase current job and internship announcements specifically for Journalism students and alumni. Check back often as Viking CareerLink is updated daily with new opportunities.
Students and alumni can create an account in Viking CareerLink to access full job descriptions. For information about opportunities, or for assistance using Viking CareerLink, contact Western's Career Services at 360.650.3240, or visit Old Main 280.

What can you do with a journalism degree?

Journalism graduates are found in an ever-expanding field that includes the traditional reporting and editing for weekly or daily newspapers up through the latest in digital storytelling, online news gathering, and public relations. Few degrees open as many career doors. Employers in today's fast-changing economy still rely on those who can write, edit, evaluate information, and know how to communicate to a variety of audiences using a variety of communication platforms.

News Editorial graduates may be found on nearly every newspaper in the state, as well as online publications, broadcast outlets, specialized magazines, and other publications. The department stresses essentials of writing, editing, reporting, and the importance of ethical standards. Our graduates have a strong reputation for being able to enter the field ready to go to work.

Public Relations graduates enter an expanding field that ranges from large agencies and corporate structures to work with governmental agencies and small nonprofit organizations. Public relations students learn the same basic journalistic techniques as news/editorial students, then specialize in the development of campaigns and communication both internally and externally in a corporate or public setting.

Visual Journalism graduates enter the career field with a variety of valuable skills relating to effective design and layout, photography, digital storytelling, and multimedia. Their knowledge and application of these skills during their education prepares them for a variety of career paths including: publication staff, online marketing and branding, photography, or as multimedia specialists in public or private agencies.

Journalism is also a strong foundation for a career in law or graduate work in such fields as political science, creative writing, and history.

Where are the graduates now?

The department of journalism maintains an extensive listing of alumni in all parts of the world. For current postings, see our Alumni Newsletter Website.

Current openings in the field and region

The department publishes a list of current job openings that have been received from employers in the region. This list is available to journalism department students and alumni. 

Job search strategies

Use the resources available to you through Western's Career Services Center, Old Main 280.

Attend job search workshops. The Career Services Center offers several job search workshops each quarter to help students with every topic you can think of:

  • Job search strategies
  • Resume writing
  • Cover letter writing
  • Interviewing techniques
  • Developing an internship
  • Getting into graduate school

Attend career fairs and other events. Several career fairs and other events are offered throughout the year to help students and alumni research employers and job opportunities.

Job hotlines. The Career Services Center also maintains a list of job hotline numbers. Many employers use automated telephone listings to announce current openings and provide application information. Stop by the Center for a copy.

Register with the Career Services Center to take full advantage of job search services, including on-campus interviews and the candidate referral program. When you register with the Career Services Center, you will have online access to a weekly Job Opportunity Bulletin which lists regional openings.

Participate in on-campus recruiting. Business, industry and government organizations recruit during fall, winter, and spring quarters.

Sources for jobs in journalism

A number of journalism and public relations organizations maintain extensive job listings. Some you can check for current lists include: