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Pandemic Election: The 2020 Presidential Campaign

This panel discussion covered the challenges involved with conducting the 2020 election during the COVID pandemic and provided an analysis of the reporting on the election.

Panelists Rudy Alamillo and Todd Donovan each discussed fraud, expanded voting by mail, and voter suppression. Panelist Carolyn Nielsen addressed challenges associated with fact-checking and how election night results can be reported when millions of ballots are still to be counted. Marc Geisler, who specializes in critical cultural theory, moderated the panel.

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CHSS at a Glance

We are proud to be the largest college at WWU with fourteen departments and three interdisciplinary programs, offering over 50 bachelor's degrees and 12 graduate degrees. Our faculty have a record of excellence in their scholarly activities, teaching, and service to the community, college, and university.

55   Undergraduate Degree Programs
3,483   Undergraduates
197   Graduate Students
83%   Job/Graduate School Placement

College Showcase

2019-2020 Outstanding Graduates

Graduates from the Humanities

Photo collage of 2019-20 CHSS Outstanding Graduates from Humanities disciplines.

Shapei Baker, Chinese

Nancy Brill, Spanish

Ray Garcia, Journalism
Presidential Scholar

Sofia Marcheal Jensen, French

Holly Lund, German

Elizabeth Moorhead, Global Humanities and Religions

Hokulani Rivera, English – Creative Writing and Anthropology

Samia Saliba, History

Moira (Marielle) J. Stockton, English Literature

Megan Zahn, Communication Studies

Please read the full article in Western Today to learn more about our Outstanding Graduates.

Graduates from the Social Sciences

Photo collage of 2019-20 CHSS Outstanding Graduates from Social Sciences disciplines.

Erin Dhalman-Oeth, Sociology

Emily Hillman, Linguistics

Emmalene Madsen, East Asian Studies

Jessica Mendiola, Communication Sciences and Disorders

Iva Reckling, Recreation

Hokulani Rivera, Anthropology and English – Creative Writing

Rowan Salton, Psychology

Piper Tolbert, Political Science
Presidential Scholar

Emma Toth, Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies

Please read the full article in Western Today to learn more about our Outstanding Graduates.

WWU student Michael Dunning learns how to transplant and fill in the gaps of a rice field, Vietnam, 2014

History Department's Mart Stewart receives teaching award from Agricultural History Society

WWU Professor of History Mart Stewart has been awarded the Inaugural James C. Giesen Teaching Excellence Award in Agricultural and Rural History by the Agricultural History Society, awarded to a nominee who has achieved distinction in the teaching of agricultural and rural history.  The colleagues and students who nominated Stewart and the Giesen Award Committee cited several features of his teaching record as distinctive. 

According to the Award Committee, “(Stewart's) teaching career has highlighted the social, environmental, political, and economic facets of making a living from the land. He has thought deeply about the significance of rural people and their experiences, not only bringing his own research to bear in the classroom but also in the field experiences he has developed for students.”

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