College of Humanities and Social Sciences

CHSS offers its students nearly 50 bachelor’s degrees and 12 master’s degrees, along with 3 interdisciplinary degrees and other student-faculty designed majors.

Emerging from a vibrant liberal arts core, our collaborative learning environment inspires individual, social, cultural, creative, and scientific exploration.  Students devise and apply innovative solutions, embrace divergent worldviews, consider the ethical implications of their actions, and communicate effectively in their professional, public, and personal lives.  Together, students, faculty and staff generate knowledge, pursue research and foster life-long learning to contribute to the well-being of communities from local to global.

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Fall Presentation of the CHSS Dean's Lecture Series

The Lives of Veterans After Military Service: 
A Portrait of the Last 75 Years
A presentation by Professor Jay Teachman, Sociology Department

A part of WWU's Veterans Day Celebration held on Nov. 9, 2015

Dr Jay Teachman,  Sociology Department

Washington Campaign