Welcome to the Political Science Department

Welcome to Fall!

Classes start on September 21 and we are excited for the start of a new academic year and a return to in-person instruction!

The Political Science office in Arntzen Hall 415 will be open Monday-Friday from 8:30 am-5:00 pm.  You can also reach us at politicalscience@wwu.edu; for phone assistance, call 360-650-3469.  

Students wishing to declare the Political Science major/minor or in need of advising support should contact Program Coordinator Jessie Tanksley at paynej9@wwu.edu.  Much information about programs and opportunities is also available under the “Students” section of this website. 

Be well and have a great Fall quarter!

Large group of students gathered behind "Cape of Good Hope" sign

Why Political Science?

A Political Science degree will prepare you for a host of careers both domestic and international. Students with a Political Science Major go on to law school, graduate school, or directly into their profession with government or business. See our list of career ideas for Political Science Majors.

We offer curricula leading to a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science, as well as interdisciplinary curricula leading to combined Undergraduate degrees. Our comprehensive program of instruction covers four traditional areas of the discipline: American Politics and Public Policy, Political Theory, International Relations, and Comparative Politics.

Please visit the Political Science Department office on the fourth floor of Arntzen Hall, email or call us at 360-650-3469 if you have questions or would like to set up an advising appointment. Or visit us on Facebook!