Faculty & Staff


Professor and Chair
AH 415A
Zander Albertson, who has light skin and long blond hair tied back, wearing glasses and a teal windbreaker hanging out in nature
Senior Instructor
AH 452
Bidisha Biswas
Professor WWU Faculty Legislative Liaison
AH 411
Paul Chen
Associate Professor
AH 436
Kate Destler
Associate Professor Director of the Ralph Munro Institute for Civic Education
AH 406
Kendra Dupuy
Assistant Professor
AH 416
Professor UFWW Vice President
AH 405
Melina smiling and looking at the camera. She is wearing a white blue-stripped blouse, long brown hair, and glasses.
Assistant Professor At-Large Representative, UFWW
AH 438
Rachel Paul
Visiting Assistant Professor
AH 413
Associate Professor
AH 422

Affiliated Faculty

Troy Abel, who has is light skinned with short gray hair and short facial hair, wearing a black sport coat over a blue shirt on a sunny day
Professor - CENV

Retired Faculty

Professor Emeritus (1971-2015)
Associate Professor Emeritus (1970-1999)
Professor (1986-2021)
Professor Emeritus (1970-2000)
Kristen Parris
Associate Professor Emeritus (1990-2023)
Associate Professor (2001-2018)
Professor Emeritus (1989-2018)