Study Abroad Opportunities with Political Science

The Political Science Department encourages and supports study abroad programs for the learning and cultural experiences they offer our students. Through the Education Abroad office and departmental programs there are a number of different study abroad options available to Political Science students. Sign up for Western Abroad 101 to learn about different ways to study abroad, and check out Education Abroad's Political Science Major Advising Page for a list of programs catered towards Political Science majors.

Study Abroad Transfer Credit

The Political Science Department encourages students to participate in study abroad opportunities that further their academic studies.  Up to ten (10) credits of approved study abroad coursework in Political Science can be applied to the major requirements.

Credit in the Political Science major/minor will not be awarded until Western has accepted the credits from the foreign institution. At that point, we will evaluate your study abroad coursework when you provide the following documents to the department:

  • Transcript from the foreign institution showing completed coursework, a minimum grade of C– is required.
  • Syllabi/course descriptions of the classes completed or if a syllabus is not available then your work product (papers, tests & readings) from the class.

Please note that the amount of credit awarded towards the major is at the discretion of the Political Science department and may differ from credits awarded by the Registrar.

University rules regarding transfer credit apply

At least 50% of the credit hours required for the major/minor must be earned at Western. For political science majors, a maximum of 30 transfer credits may apply toward the major. For political science minors, a maximum of 12 transfer credits may apply.