Student Clubs

At Western Washington University there are lots of ways to be engaged in campus life.  In fact, Western is home to more than 200 student clubs

For students interested in Political Science, there are two campus-based clubs that provide students with wonderful opportunities for engagement in American politics and international relations:

International Affairs Association

Western Washington University’s International Affairs Association (IAA) is a student-run association that promotes global citizenship. It seeks to be an inclusive and welcoming environment for Western students of all backgrounds and interests to engage with international politics in informed, thoughtful, and creative ways.

At the heart of IAA’s activities is developing and supporting an award-winning Model United Nations (MUN) team, which travels to regional and national MUN conferences each year. At MUN conferences, WWU students join other university students from around the world to simulate the affairs and procedures of the United Nations and debate global issues in teams of delegates.

IAA also hosts and co-sponsors a variety of campus and community events each year on global and international politics. This includes (co)hosting speakers, documentary screenings, and teach-ins; as well as facilitating an annual “Chat with the Diplomat” for students to speak with the current Diplomat in Residence for the Northwest.

The IAA provides students with the opportunity to explore contemporary global issues outside of the classroom, to develop personal and professional skills, and to prepare for post-graduate opportunities in graduate school or in a variety of career tracks. IAA members come together from all across campus, from Political Science and Public Relations, to Computer Science and Biology. IAA develops student leadership by empowering individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in a global society. Please join us! Learn more about how to get involved by emailing or attending one of our regular meetings, Wednesdays at 6pm in Miller Hall 131.

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Political Science Association

The PSA at Western Washington University strives to create a safe space for students to gather and discuss political issues affecting our country and the world today. The organization also sponsors the annual PSA Student Conference in May.  PSA is an unbiased organization that invites students from all political backgrounds and beliefs to join our meetings and events. For more information about the PSA club and its activities, please visit us on Instagram or contact us by email at