Student Clubs

At Western Washington University there are lots of ways to be engaged in campus life.  In fact, Western is home to more than 200 student clubs

For students interested in Political Science, there are three campus-based clubs that provide students with wonderful opportunities for engagement in American politics, international relations, and political economy:

Western Washington University’s International Affairs Association (IAA) is a completely student-run association within the Political Science Department. The IAA provides ambitious students with the opportunity to explore contemporary global issues outside of the classroom, to develop personal and professional skills, and to prepare for post-graduate opportunities in graduate school or in a variety of career tracks. Managing the University's award-winning Model United Nations team, the IAA allows for its members to simulate the affairs and procedures of the United Nations by serving as country delegates in mock UN conferences. Between 20 and 30 team members travel to regional and national conferences in the United States and Canada, allowing them to debate global issues from a variety of perspectives, work with students from around the world, and represent Western Washington University at these diverse competitions. Furthermore, WWU IAA organizes a high school Model United Nations conference in the spring, known as Viking Model United Nations (VIKMUN), providing leadership opportunities for association members. This gives high school students a forum to hone their debate skills and exposes them to international issues. Taken together, the IAA is more than the sum of its constituent parts. It is an institution that creates student leaders by empowering individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in a global society.  For more information, please feel free to email us with any questions you might have at

The PSA at Western Washington University strives to create a safe space for students to gather and discuss political issues affecting our country and the world today. The organization also sponsors the annual PSA Student Conference in May.  PSA is an unbiased organization that invites students from all political backgrounds and beliefs to join our meetings and events. For more information about the PSA club and its activities, please visit us on FaceBook or contact us by email at

We are happy to report that the WWU Political Economy Club is back up and running as we return to campus this Fall. 

The purpose of the WWU Political Economy club is to:

• Create community around the interdisciplinary study of politics, economics, and philosophy.

• Engage in relevant current events.

• Foster an environment of intellectual diversity and open dialogue.

• Provide support and connection for Political Science/Economics and Philosophy/Political Science/Economics majors.

Membership in the Political Economy Club (PEC) is open to all currently enrolled WWU students. Students in the Economics/Political Science and Politics/Philosophy/Economics majors are particularly encouraged to participate.

In AY 2021-2022 students Nate Jo will serve as PEC President Nate Jo and Sam Britt will serve on the executive committee. PEC faculty advisors are Cynthia Horne (Political Science) and Brandon Dupont (Economics).  For more information about the PEC and its activities, please contact Nate Jo at  A meeting schedule for Fall 2021 is expected soon.  For more information go to Students can sign in with their universal credentials and join as a member to receive all future updates.