Honors Program

Please Note

Earning Political Science Departmental Honors is not the same as earning University Honors (and vice versa). Students must separately apply and be accepted to the University Honors Program. See the University Honors Program website for more information.

Honors Advisor

Professor Cynthia Horne
Political Science Department
Western Washington University
AH 440, 516 High Street
Bellingham, WA 98226-9082
Phone:  360-650-2910
Email:  Cynthia.Horne@wwu.edu

Political Science Departmental Honors Program

The Political Science Departmental Honors Program is open to Political Science majors with senior standing and a GPA of 3.5+ in upper division Political Science courses. Qualified students are encouraged to participate. Interested students should contact the Departmental Honors Advisor at the end of their junior year or beginning of their senior year.

Honors students typically complete 4-10 credits of PLSC 496 Honors Tutorial over two quarters under the supervision of a Faculty Thesis Advisor.  Students considering the program are welcome to review theses of previous Honors students; a catalog of titles is available from AH 415.

Additional information about admission criteria, program requirements, procedures and registration are outlined in the Honors Handbook. You are also welcome to contact the Honors Advisor.