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PSA Conference

About the PSA Annual Conference

Every year in May, the Political Science Association sponsors the annual Political Science Conference and the Sandison Memorial Lecture.  The event is an opportunity for students and faculty to join together to discuss current issues in political science across the fields of public policy, political theory, international relations and American and comparative politics.  Students have the opportunity to present and discuss research papers they have completed in the course of their studies in Political Science.



The 2020 PSA Conference, originally scheduled for Tuesday, May 5, 2020, has been canceled in compliance with university guidelines regarding COVID-19.   We look forward to hosting the next PSA conference in May 2021.


Hoover Prize

The Hoover Prize is traditionally awarded to one of the student presenters who participated in the PSA Conference. This will be determined within a week or two of the conference by the Political Science faculty. The Hoover Prize is $250 and is to be used toward your education.  In 2018, students Michael Staight and Serena Fitzgerald shared the Hoover Prize; the Hoover Prize was not awarded in 2019.  


Past PSA Conferences

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