Information for Students

The Political Science program at Western Washington University offers students a broad-based, challenging curriculum in American politics, public policy, political theory, international relations and comparative politics.  Coursework develops foundational knowledge across the discipline as well as critical thinking and analytical reading and writing abilities, skills that are valuable in any future field of endeavor.

The department’s undergraduate program offers a Political Science major and a minor as well as three joint majors:  Economics and Political Science, Political Science and Social Studies, and Political Science, Philosophy and Economics.  Students are invited to declare the major on successful completion of two core courses; the minor may be declared at any time.

In addition to coursework, students have opportunities to complete administrative and legislative internships, participate in faculty research, or engage in activities through student clubs such as the International Affairs Association and the Political Science Association.  The department works with the Education Abroad office to facilitate study abroad opportunities around the world.  Students can also undertake teaching assistantships and develop independent study projects that allow them to pursue specific areas of interest within the discipline.

Looking ahead, a Political Science degree prepares students for a host of careers, both domestic and international. Students with a Political Science major go on to law school, graduate school, or directly into their profession in government or business.  For more information, see our list of career ideas for Political Science majors and read profiles of our alumni. You can also contact the Career Services Center for advising on career opportunities in Political Science.

We are happy to welcome you to the department!