Pre-Law Advising

Students interested in the legal profession should contact Professor Paul Chen, one of two Law School Admissions Council (LSAC)-designated pre-law advisors on campus.  Professor Chen is available to meet with students during office hours or by appointment.

Students may also consider the Law, Diversity & Justice Minor offered through Fairhaven College.  Combined with Political Science course work in American politics and public policy, the LDJ minor offers a solid foundation in legal reasoning and processes to students thinking of law school. Contact Assistant Professor Ceci Lopez, the other LSAC-designated pre-law advisor, for more information about the LDJ minor at 360-650-2573 or

Finally, students considering a career in law may wish to do an internship with either a private law firm or a local agency to see what lawyers actually do.

Information about Pre-Professional Degrees, including Pre-Law, is available here.  To schedule an appointment for pre-law advising, please contact Prof. Paul Chen at tel:360-650-4876360-650-4876 or by email at:

For complete details about the law school application process, students can visit the Law School Admissions Council and the American Bar Association's website on preparing for law school.

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