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About the Talk:

Former Congressional Representative Bob Inglis directs, a nationwide group of conservatives who care about climate change. He'll discuss how and why those with diverse political views are indispensable partners for action on climate, discussing how it might be possible to bring America together to lead the world on climate action.

Making Sense of the Role of Religion in Russia's Invasion of Ukraine Flyer Image

The war in Ukraine is now over two years old, and the human toll is staggering: over 14.6 million Ukrainians are in dire need of humanitarian assistance. Russia’s list of grievances used to justify its brutal invasion includes an accusation that Ukraine has persecuted the Orthodox Church in Ukraine. How does religion figure into the war?

Nicholas Denysenko of Valparaiso University explains how a simmering conflict among Orthodox Christians in Ukraine contributed to Putin’s decision to bomb and invade Ukraine.

WWU delegation with their committee placards

Western's Model United Nations team, sponsored by the International Affairs Association, participated in the Northwest Model United Nations 2024 winter conference in Portland, Oregon. The team, representing 11 countries, worked in committees on complex international issues, earning prestigious awards and fostering camaraderie.