Lisa Beard

Assistant Professor

Current Courses

PLSC 261, Intro to Political Theory (Fall 2022)

PLSC 321, Queer/LGBT Politics (Winter 2023)

PLSC 432, Senior Seminar in Political Theory (Spring 2023) WP3



Lisa Beard is an Assistant Professor in Political Science, with a research focus in race, gender, and sexuality politics and political thought. 

Their first book, If We Were Kin: Race, Identification, and Intimate Political Appeals, is forthcoming at Oxford University Press, and is based on dissertation research that was selected for the American Political Science Association’s 2017 Best Dissertation Award in Race, Ethnicity, and Politics. Published work can be found in Contemporary Political Theory, National Political Science Review, and in the edited volume, A Political Companion to James Baldwin. Before coming to Western Washington University, Dr. Beard was a Chancellor’s Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of California, Riverside; a Wayne Morse Dissertation Fellow at the University of Oregon; and a community organizer and educator in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

Research Interests

  • Race, Gender, and Sexuality Politics; Political Thought; Black Politics and Black Political Thought

Areas of Specialty

American Politics, Political Theory

Selected Publications

“Submerged and Contained: The Figure of Race in American Political Science.” National Political Science Review 20.1 (2019): 19-24.


“James Baldwin on Violence and Disavowal.” In A Political Companion to James Baldwin, Susan McWilliams (Ed.), The University Press of Kentucky, 2017.


 “Flesh of their Flesh, Bone of their Bone: James Baldwin’s Racial Politics of Boundness.”        Contemporary Political Theory 15.1 (2016): 378-398.