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Welcome to the History Department

We welcome you to consider majoring or minoring in History where you will join our vibrant community of close to 300 undergraduate and graduate students. To support our students in their intellectual growth, our department offers courses in a full range of locations, cultures and experiences and provides opportunities for students to participate in other events and gatherings throughout the year. Contact us at (360) 650 3457 or by email at history@wwu.edu. Follow us on Instagram @wwuhist.

Advising Resources

Find an Advisor

Here in the History Department, our tenured and tenure-track faculty act as our student advisors. To help you get a jump start on creating a degree plan, reach out to a professor who shares your area of interest, someone who you would like to connect with, or who you have had in class. They will assist you with all your advising needs and answer any questions you may have about our department. Click below to see the full list of our advisors.

Graduate Program

Our Masters in History Program

Western's History MA students pursue a wide range of historical topics in an in-person, small-group setting that fosters invaluable intellectual exchange with faculty and peers.



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