History Advising Resources

Step 1. Schedule a meeting with a History Department Advisor

All tenured and tenure-track professors serve as advisors. Please set up a time to meet with one of the history professors to discuss the major and your future goals. Choosing an advisor is a personal choice, but we do suggest students consider choosing an advisor they have either taken classes with in the past or share similar research interests with. They can also complete your declaration form with you.

Step 2. Plan and Track progress via Degree Works & History Advising/Degree Planning Sheets

Use Degree Works to help you track degree progress and know which courses to take to plan your path to graduation. Degree Works can also be utilized by your faculty advisor in order to complete your degree evaluation prior to applying for graduation.

Degree Works is designed to aid and facilitate academic advising, but is not intended to replace face-to-face advising sessions.

Below you will find links to Major Requirements, Courses, and History Advising Sheets. Please utilize these sheets as a supplement, (not a replacement to Degree Works) in order to plan-out/ track your progress throughout your major.

Degree Planning Sheets

Degree planning sheets can be used to map out your progress: 

Thematic Field

If you are interested in designing your own thematic field, please discuss your interests with an advisor and then complete the thematic field planning sheet.

Step 3. Declare your Major or Minor

There is no application process to become a history major. You only need to complete the form below. Howeverwe strongly recommend setting up a time to talk with an advisor before declaring.

To declare your major or minor, please complete this Declaration Form and send it to your History Advisor.

Major evaluation forms for graduation: 

Pathways to Woodring

Pathway to Teaching/Secondary Edu. (1st yr students)

Pathway to Teaching/Secondary Edu. (Post Bac. Cert. or MA in Teaching Cert.)

Graduate Student Advising

We offer Masters of Arts in History. For questions or advising please contact our Graduate Advisor; Professor Jared Hardesty.

Phi Alpha Theta Advising

Both undergraduate and graduate students can join PHI ALPHA THETA (P.A.T) National History Honor Society. Please contact the Phi Alpha Theta Advisor, Professor Dharitri Bhattacharjee, for more advising questions specific to the Honor Society.