Graduate Alumni Spotlights

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Headshot of Jennifer Reidel

During my time as a graduate student in the History department, my paradigms and narratives of history were broadened. Our cohort was pushed to consider how class, race, gender, and sexuality influenced the recording and telling of historical events. Those discussions were not always comfortable, but they gave me a foundation to teach in today’s political climate and a framework to view my work here at the Library. In addition, as a master’s student in the History department, I drastically improved my researching, writing, and editing skills. Each of these I use on a daily basis as the Teacher in Residence.

Jennifer Reidel
History MA (2007)
Headshot of Jeffrey Meriwether

My MA in History truly animated my passion for History and learning. It also helped me develop a taste for the academy. After I finished a PhD at the University of Exeter, I became a Professor of History and Associate Dean of Humanities, Arts, and Ed at Roger Williams University.

When considering an MA in History, think historically and focus on what energizes your love for History.

Jeffrey Meriwether
History BA (1995) and History MA (1997)
Headshot of Wes Ricketts

After finishing my MA in History, I marketed my skills and talents as a researcher, writer, and editor. This helped me land my first post-WWU job as an editorial associate for a Silicon Valley-based online media company. From there, I earned a position as the company's managing editor and then editorial director. After five years, I branched out with two colleagues to start my own online media and marketing company, serving as vice president and senior vice president for 6 years. We recently sold our company to a Seattle-based firm, after which I retired and decided to consult and travel.

Wes Ricketts
History BA (2001) and History MA (2006)
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I graduated from WWU with an M.A. in History in 1993. The following 4 years, I taught as an adjunct for the WWU History Department and Whatcom Community College. For the past 25 years, I have taught history and political science at West Shore Community College in Michigan.

In 2022, Wayne States University Press published my award winning second book, The Forgotten Iron King of the Great Lakes, Eber Brock Ward 1811-1875

Mike Nagle
History MA (1993)
Headshot of Becky Richardson

I graduated from Western with a BA in History in 1996 and completed the coursework for my MA in History with a Certificate in Archives & Records Management (ABT) between 1996-1998. I am currently a public librarian managing a branch of the Mid-Continent Public Library. I have spent time as a Research & Instruction Librarian and Assistant Professor, at Murray State University, KY, where I was the liaison to the Departments of History, Sociology, Political Science, and Psychology. I was also the Government Documents librarian, and spent over a year as the interim University Archivist.

My degree laid a foundation for my love of research, and those first couple of deep delves into census materials has cumulated into an ability to decipher the information needed when conducting the quantitative studies I wrote about for publication while pursuing tenure. A whole world of data science has opened up, and I have jumped in with both feet using the foundation built within my history classes at Western. I find that the ability to decipher census results are just as important in this role as it was prior because it helps me to better understand the community I serve and to provide them with the services they need.

Becky Richardson
History BA (1996) and History MA (1998)