Graduate Student Scholarships and Funding

Graduate Application: Closed for 2024-25

Scholarships are pooled together & only one application is required per student. If you have questions, please contact

Note: All awards are variable amounts; recipients are determined by our Scholarship Committee.

Bernard L. Boylan Scholarship

Established in 1998 to honor former Western professor Bernard L. Boylan. A collection of his papers held at the Center for Pacific Northwest Studies represent an important contribution both to History as an academic topic and the History of the Bellingham area. This scholarship provides funding for both undergraduate majors and graduate students studying History who have demonstrated academic achievement.

John F. Bullman Memorial Scholarship 

Established in 1991 to honor the memory of Western graduate student and teaching assistant John F. Bullman. This scholarship provided support to graduate students focused on History with a cumulative grade point average of 3.5 or above and interest in pursuing a History-related career or continuing to engage in their research after earning their degree.

Catherine Kohl MacSlarrow/Paul A. Kohl Memorial Scholarship 

Established in 1990 in the memory of Western professor for Archival and Records management Paul Kohl and his daughter, Catherine Kohl MacSlarrow. While its purpose was initially to provide support for students of the Archives and Records Management Program, this scholarship now supports students pursing a Master of History.

James B. and Angela Rhoads Scholarship 

Established in 1998 to support students in the Archives and Records Management Program, formerly housed within the History Department at Western. This scholarship memorializes the dedication of James B. Rhoads to archival excellence and to his work as founding director of this program. Since the dissolution of this program, this scholarship provides support for students pursuing a Master of History.

Tuition and Fee Waiver

At the discretion of the History Department Scholarship Committee, tuition and fee waivers are awarded to both undergraduate and graduate History students to support continued enrollment and academic success.

Summer Graduate Research Funding Opportunities: Closed for 2024

Chesley Graduate Student Research Grant 

Established in 1997 by Ted and Caryl Hinckley to support research-related travel for Master of History candidates. Ted Hinckley was a resident of Whatcom County after retiring from a long and accomplished career of teaching History throughout the world.

The 2024 History Department’s Chelsey Graduate Student Research Grant ($500) will be awarded to two outstanding proposals by students who have had their thesis topics approved. The grant supports off-campus research. To apply, please submit a one-page application summarizing your research, its importance to the historiography, how you intend to use the funds (including collections to be consulted), and a brief plan for public dissemination (i.e., presenting your research at Phi Alpha Theta) to Rebecca Hutchins by Tuesday, April 30, 2024.

Graduate Research and Creative Opportunities Grant 

The Graduate School/Research and Sponsored Programs (RSP) offers research support of up to $1500. If you are planning to travel to archives, this is a great opportunity. The criteria and process are laid out here. If you are applying for a Graduate School grant, please work with your thesis advisor to draft a competitive application. The grant is due to RSP by May 16, but your advisor and the department chair also have to endorse the application. For that reason, please have the application to your thesis advisor at least two weeks before the deadline on Thursday, May 2, 2024. 

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