Statement of Principles and Mission Statement

Statement of Principles

  • As a department composed of people with many different backgrounds, identities, skill sets, and opinions, we are committed to an inclusive department and university. Although we do not speak with one voice, in our teaching and scholarship we share a commitment to the discipline of history as a critical tool for understanding the struggles of the present.
  • Many students feel unsafe on campus, and we share their commitment to a university in which all people are welcome and encouraged to learn. We appreciate students’ engagement with curricular questions and their aspiration for a university that empowers students to be effective agents of change.
  • We see the value students place on knowing and using history. We welcome the opportunity to work cooperatively from our own distinct positions towards a better university. 
  • Our department is committed to academic excellence and providing curricular offerings dealing with the fullest possible range of locations, cultures, and experiences. Our courses encourage critical thinking, rigorous inquiry, and intellectual growth.

April 24, 2019

Mission Statement

The study of history is essential to a liberal education. The mission of the Department of History is to create and nurture a community of scholars, including students in general education courses, undergraduate majors and minors, graduate students, faculty, and staff, who value historical thinking. We prepare students for thoughtful participation in public affairs, further education, and a wide range of careers by fostering an appreciation of the diversity of human cultures and experiences, the development of research and analytical skills, and the ability to communicate effectively, especially in writing.