MA in History

The History MA offers students an opportunity to deepen their understanding of historical methods and to produce an original work of scholarship. In addition to seminars, graduate students work under faculty advisors to pursue a thesis topic of their choice. The MA thesis is filed with the library and in an online database available to researchers from around the world. Masters' students therefore can make a real contribution to historical knowledge, and their work can and will be used by scholars. In short, the MA in History allows you to make an impact on how professional historians understand the past.

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Careers with an MA

Some MA students wish to become historians, but many do not. The MA History teaches the kinds of research, thinking, and writing skills that employers want most. It is thus good preparation for a variety of careers.

The History MA prepares students to: 1) enter doctoral programs or pursue other advanced academic training in history; 2) teach at the secondary or community-college level, and 3) assume positions as researchers, writers, teachers and curators in a variety of businesses, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies.

Our graduates have entered the top doctoral programs in the country and become tenured professors. They have worked as archivists and historians in museums ranging from local historical societies to the Library of Congress. They have entered the business world and thrived at such places as Facebook. They have become teachers, lawyers, and entrepreneurs. For a taste of the different ways that an MA History can prepare you for a career, read our Alumni Stories.