East Asian Studies Program Information

The East Asian Studies Program offers an interdisciplinary study of the area, with a primary focus on the countries of China and Japan. Under special advisement, Korea and Mongolia are also subjects for study.

Western’s East Asian Studies Program has faculty from a broad spectrum of academic departments who work together to provide a nexus for teaching and research. The Program is designed to attain three major objectives. First, it offers students an opportunity to acquire accurate, detailed, and comprehensive knowledge of a region that is becoming increasingly important in world affairs. Second, it prepares students who are attracted by job opportunities related to East Asia in business, government, or teaching. Third, it provides solid undergraduate training for students who plan to enter East Asian programs in their graduate studies.

Western’s East Asian Studies Program is part of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences.

Beyond the Classroom

The East Asia Studies Program hosts the Annual Student Colloquium, along with national and international conferences on Japanese literature and East Asian studies. East Asian Studies sponsors lectures, presentations, and other activities related to East Asia for both students and the community.

Western's East Asian Studies Press, now inactive, published scholarly works on topics relating to China, Japan, Korea, and Mongolia. View and download these texts for free on Western's CEDAR website.

Western Libraries features the Mongolia Collection, an extensive collection of holdings on Mongolia and Inner Asia. 

Students in the East Asian Studies Program are eligible for scholarships that promote the study of Inner Asia and East Asia, including the Henry G. Schwarz Scholarship in Mongolian Studies and the Sarah Anne Wirth Scholarship in East Asian Studies and History.

Careers and Graduate Studies

The major offers students an opportunity to prepare for positions in cultural organizations, diplomatic offices, companies engaged in international business, and in educational institutions.

Employers of Recent Western Graduates:

  • Borderlink, Inc.: Japan
  • Business Council for International Understanding: Washington D.C.