2019 News and Events

25th Annual East Asian Studies Student Colloquium, June 6, 2019

East Asian Studies, The Japanese Program and the Department of Modern and Classical Languages hosted experts in Japanese literature, spring 2019

"Heartvine" ("Aoi") chapter from The Tale of Genji (Genji monogatari) courtesy of PICRYL.

All talks were on May 1st, 2019

Professor Ikuko Sagiyama (University of Florence) will deliver two lectures, including a talk on late nineteenth century Japanese author Higuchi Ichiyō’s renowned story “Takekurabe” (Child’s Play, 1896).

Professor Hiromi Hyōdō (Gakushūin University) will also deliver two lectures on the same day, including a talk on one of Japanese novelist and playwright Izumi Kyōka‘s stories—“Shunchū” (One day in Spring, 1906).

Professor Sagiyama

Professor Sagiyama  is an expert in classical Japanese literature and has written books on such famous anthologies as Kokin Waka Shū (Collections of Japanese Poems of Ancient and Modern Times)  and Wakan rōei shū (Collection of Japanese and Chinese Poems for Singing)She has also published on a wide range of topics in Japanese literature, from Genji monogatari (The Tale of Genji) to modern narrative and poetics.

Professor Hyōdō

Prof. Hyōdō, who specializes in Japanese medieval literature, is a renowned expert of the Heike monogatari (The Tale of the Heike), and has published several books on Japan’s traditional performing arts.

"Painting Enlightenment: Healing Visions of the Heart Sutra"

Associate Professor of Religious Studies at Louisiana State University, Paula Arai, gave a talk about the work of Japanese biologist and visionary artist, Iwasaki Tsuneo (1917-2002) entitled "Painting Enlightenment: Healing Visions of the Heart Sutra," on March 4, 2019

Poster for Painting Enlightenment. Links to pdf version.