Program Director

Massimiliano Tomasi wearing green shirt and standing in front of a bookcase

Massimiliano Tomasi

Professor of Japanese Program Director
MH 222C


Patrick Buckley, PhD

Professor of Environmental Studies
AH 222
Ethan Bushelle

Ethan Bushelle, PhD

Assistant Professor
Bond Hall 164
A branching plant with pink-red leaves in front of a light-blue background, illustration

Masanori Deguchi, PhD

Associate Professor of Japanese; Affiliated Faculty of Linguistics Japanese Study Abroad Advisor
Miller Hall 217E

Emi Foulk Bushelle

Associate Professor
Bond Hall 344

James Hearne, PhD

Professor of Computer Science
CF 455A

Madoka Kusakabe, PhD

Senior Instructor of Japanese
MH 222D
Baozhen wears a pretty scarf

Baozhen Luo, PhD

Associate Professor
AH 505

Wayne Ritcher

Library/Archives Paraprofessional
HH 320G

Tom Roehl

Professor of Management
PH 211

Julia Sapin , PhD

Department Chair, Professor of Art History
FI 111
Edward Vajda in Leipzig, Germany

Edward Vajda, PhD

Professor of Russian and Linguistics; Russian and Eurasian Studies Advisor
Miller Hall 218E
Julian Wu sitting at a computer desk

Julian Wu, PhD

Associate Professor of Chinese Literature and East Asian Studies Study Abroad Advisor
Miller Hall 217B


Henry Schwarz, PhD

Professor Emeritus of History/East Asian Studies
Janet Xing standing in front of a bookcase

Janet Zhiqun Xing, PhD

Professor Emeritus of Chinese and Linguistics
Michiko Yusa stands in front of the ocean with the sun setting on the horizon

Michiko Yusa, PhD

Professor Emeritus of Japanese and East Asian Studies
MH 218E


In Memoriam

Kathleen smiles wearing a pair of glasses and a pink shirt.

Kathleen Tomlonovic, PhD

Professor Emeritus of Chinese and East Asian Studies