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The East Asian Studies Program, an interdisciplinary, inter-departmental and inter-college program, draws upon the services of faculty from various units within the university. Approximately twenty (20) faculty members in various disciplines offer courses approved for inclusion in the East Asian Studies major.



Program Director

Contact Info

Tomasi, Massimiliano

DepartmentModern & Classical Languages

​Professor of Japanese

Office: MH 222C

Phone: 360-650-3339

Photo of Dr. Tomasi

Professor Tomasi is on leave during winter & spring 2020. Please see Angela Brown in MH 223 for assistance during this time. 

Office Staff

Contact Info

Brown, Angela

Program Coordinator

Office: MH 223

Phone: 360-650-3918




Contact Info

Buckley, Patrick

DepartmentEnvironmental Studies

Professor of Environmental Studies

Office: AH 222

Phone: 360-650-4773


Photo of Dr. Buckley

Bushelle, Emi


Assistant Professor of History

Office: BH 348

Phone: 360-650-3095


Bushelle, Ethan

DepartmentLiberal Studies

Assistant Professor of Liberal Studies

Office: BH 418F

Phone: 360-650-7761


Photo of Dr. Ethan Bushelle

Deguchi, Masanori

DepartmentModern & Classical Languages

​Associate Professor of Japanese and Linguistics

Office: MH 217E

Phone: 360-650-4155


Fast, Margaret

DepartmentWilson Library


Hearne, James

DepartmentComputer Science

Professor of Computer Science

Office: CF 479

Phone: 360-650-3792


Photo of Dr. Hearne

Laird, Colleen

DepartmentModern & Classical Languages

Assistant Professor of Japanese

Office: MH 215A

Phone: 360-650-4853


Photo of Dr. Laird

Lei, Yu

DepartmentModern & Classical Languages

Visiting Assistant Professor of Chinese

Office: MH 122A

Phone: 360-650-4852

Photo of Dr. Lei

Luo, Baozhen


Office: HH 223

Phone: 360-650-7913

Photo of Dr. Luo

Parris, Kristen

DepartmentPolitical Science

Associate Professor of Political Science

Office: AH 422

Phone: 360-650-4873​

Photo of Dr. Parris

Pearce, Scott

DepartmentLiberal Studies

Professor of Liberal Studies

Office: BH 152A

Phone: 360-650-3897

Pine, Judy


Associate Professor of Anthropology and Linguistics

Office: AH 338

Phone: 360-650-4783


Roehl, Tom


Professor of Management

Office: PH 211

Phone: 360-650-4809


Photo of Dr. Roehl

Richter, Wayne

DepartmentWilson Library

Library/Archives Paraprofessional

Office: HH 320G

Phone: 360-650-3395

Sapin, Julia

DepartmentArt History

Professor of Art History, Chair of Art and Art History

Office: FI 111

Phone: 360-650-3670

Photo of Dr. Sapin

Thompson, Roger


Professor of History

Office: BH 360

Phone: 360-650-2342

Tsunokai, Glenn


Professor of Sociology

Office: AH 504

Phone: 360-650-2540

Photo of Dr. Tsunokai

Vajda, Edward

DepartmentModern & Classical Languages

Professor of Russian and Linguistics

Office: MH 217D

Phone: 360-650-4856

Photo of Dr. Vajda

Wu, Julian

DepartmentModern & Classical Languages

Assistant Professor of Chinese

Office: MH 217B

Phone: 360-650-6122

Photo of Dr. Wu

Xing, Janet (Zhiqun)

DepartmentModern & Classical Languages

Professor of Chinese and Linguistics

Office: MH 218D

Phone: 360-650-3926

Photo of Dr. Xing

Yu, Yeon


Assistant Professor of Anthropology

Office: AH 311



Yusa, Michiko

DepartmentModern & Classical Languages

​Professor of Japanese and East Asian Studies

Office: MH 218E

Phone: 360-650-4851

Photo of Dr. Yusa

Emeritus Faculty

Schwarz, Henry



Professor Emeritus of History/East Asian Studies. BA, MA, PhD, University of Wisconsin.
Photo of Dr. Schwarz

In Memoriam

Kathleen Tomlonovic

Professor Emeritus of Modern and Classical Languages. BA, Marycrest College; MEd, Fordham University; MA, University of Iowa; PhD, University of Washington. Photo of Sr. Tomlonovic