Judith Pine, PhD

she/her, Professor


Judith Pine, PhD, is a Professor and currently chair of the WWU Department of Anthropology. She is a linguistic anthropologist whose work engages with the theoretical framework of what she thinks of as linganth-flavored semiotics, marrying an ethnographic sensibility and habit of practice with the notion that meaning happens within complex fabrics of the habitual happening of meaning and that we have tools to thickly describe, and so to begin to see, the patterns in these fabrics. Her research is primarily in the Greater Mekong Subregion and she teaches both linguistic anthropology and Asian ethnography courses as well as Qualitative Methods.

Prof. Pine is committed to using the tools of linguistic anthropology, and anthropology more generally, in pursuit of a more just world and in opposition to recognizably toxic ideological structures. She believes quite firmly that everyone can use the tools of linguistic anthropology and the insights of an ethnographic lens and her goal, in all of her teaching, is to distribute these tools and this framework widely.

Research Interests

Linguistic Anthropology, literacy theory, upland peoples of SE Asia/SW China, indigenousness, globalization/borders, language maintenance/endangerment.

Selected Publications

Selected Works in CEDAR