Anthropology Internships

How an internship can help you

A shovel digs into fresh dirt.

Internships provide opportunities for students to get “hands-on” learning and experiences in a wide variety of contexts. Internships offer students the chance to explore career trajectories, establish valuable relationships with mentors, practice a wide variety of skills, and draw upon coursework knowledge for practical applications.

An internship is a planned and supervised learning experience in which a student completes activities that mutually benefit a student and an organization or the organization's clientele.

The Department of Anthropology offers graded course credit for internships, repeatable to 15 credits (with no more than 10 credits counted toward the major).

Internships with several local museums are possible. You may also pursue an internship with a local organization. In some cases, students may be able to participate in an internship with a museum or other organization that is not locally-based.

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