Museology Internship Descriptions and Contacts

Please read the internship descriptions below carefully to help guide your decision process. Each contact for the museum and internship position  is listed at the bottom of the internship description.

Special information and instructions

From initial contact to start date can take about a month. It is important to begin the process at least a month prior, if not earlier. You can even begin the process a quarter or two prior to the quarter you would like to do the internship. Summer is a great time to do an internship at The Whatcom Museum of History and Art because they have fewer regular volunteers and even fewer interns during that time.

Time Commitment

The Museum requires that interns commit to two quarters of service. There are exceptions to this: The Education Department at the museum may, on occasion, as special projects arise, take students for one quarter. The Collections Management Department is not currently accepting interns; however, when an opening becomes available, interns are required to commit to a full year of service. Otherwise, a two quarter minimum is required from Education, Art Curation and Photo Archives. You will be expected to remain in the same department throughout your internship.

Credits & Schedule

The Museum prefers the students enroll for 3 or 4 credits (Art Curation prefers 4). That would be 6-8 hours per week. The work can be scheduled during Monday - Friday, 8:00 to 5:00 pm. Days can be flexed, but consistency and a block of dedicated time is important. In rare cases, when there's a special event, Saturday or evening hours may be required. 

How do I sign up?

  1. Fill out the Volunteer Inquiry form and return to the Museum.
    Download a copy of the Volunteer Inquiry Form and fill it out completely. Then return the form to Victoria Blackwell at You should hear back from the museum within a week, at which time, staff and student must meet to determine the best fit for placement.
  2.  Get your security check from the Museum.
    After you have been approved for a position at the museum, you must get your security clearance, which can take up to a week, and is required before you can register for the course.
  3. Fill out the Internship Contract.
    You will need to do this WITH the museum personnel as it includes scheduling the interns working hours and the duties that will be required.
  4. Contact Dr. Judith Pine for an override code.
    Once you receive an override code you may register for the Museology course.

For more information visit The Whatcom Museum of History and Art


Victoria Blackwell
Director of Exhibitions & Programs
(360) 778-8947

227 Prospect Street
Bellingham, WA 98225
(360) 778-8930
The Whatcom Museum of History and Art


Internship Objective

To promote public knowledge of the history of communication and innovation through the development of our galleries, while gaining practical skill-based

SMEI’s Mission:

The Spark Museum of Electrical Invention preserves and interprets an important scientific and cultural legacy; the historic exploration of electricity and the development of radio into its Golden Age, through science education, the development of our galleries and by our low power radio station, KMRE-LP 102.3 FM.

About the Interning Organization

The vision for the Spark Museum of Electrical Invention is to stand alone as a one-of-a-kind museum for North America, a museum that weaves together the scientific exploration of electricity, beginning in 1600, and the development of broadcast radio into its Golden Age. SMEI can accommodate two or three interns per quarter (including summer if offered through the Department of Anthropology)

Desired Qualifications

A declared major in Anthropology, knowledge of Microsoft office software, Adobe Creative Suite or similar graphics software experience, ability to connect with various departments and maintain timely progress on assigned tasks, excellent written and oral communication skills and some experience with museum education is helpful.

Description of Intern Responsibilities

Responsibilities include working with staff on producing quarterly newsletters, attending weekly staff meetings, and working with the publicity committee to raise public awareness about the organization through print, broadcast and internet media.


Abby Russell
Program Coordinator

1312 Bay Street
Bellingham, WA 98225

Spark Museum website


Avi Buri
(Please use email to contact Avi regarding internships)

Lynden Pioneer Museum website


Internship Objective

To offer an opportunity for students to gain real-world skills and experience in collections management, artifact conservation, exhibit development, and public outreach. These experiences will, in turn, help the Museum meet its objectives to increase the quality of exhibits, better manage the collections, and educate the public about local & national military aviation history.

HFM’s Mission

The Heritage Flight Museum (HFM) has been established by the Anders family to help educate the public so that they might understand and appreciate the contribution military aircraft, and the people that flew them, have made to our heritage, national security and freedom.

About the Interning Organization

Founded in 1996 by Apollo 8 astronaut Maj. General William Anders, the Heritage Flight Museum is a non-profit, 501(C)(3) organization dedicated to the preservation and flying of historic military aircraft. The Museum settled at Bellingham International in 2001, moved to new location at Skagit Regional Airport, Burlington, WA, and has been developing their displays and their community programs since then. Visitors are welcome to get an up-close look at the collection of memorabilia and artifacts, and a selection of flying World War II, Korean and Vietnam era aircraft.

Desired Qualifications

A declared major in Anthropology. Be flexible and a self-starter, communicative, and a creative thinker. On-the-job training is provided for everything else within the internships.

Description of Intern Responsibilities

To offer an opportunity for students to gain real-world skills and experience in a museum setting. We offer two different internships; one in the Collections Department, and one in the Exhibits Department. Collections will gain experience with artifact management, preservation, and display. Exhibits will gain experience with developing new and updating current exhibits.


Provided to the sponsoring professor by Tiffanny Hamilton.


Tiffanny Hamilton
360-424-5151 ext. 102

15053 Crosswind Dr.
Burlington, WA 98233

Internship Objective:

To work with Hovander Homestead Park

  • Help to complete Inventory Project (could be year long until project is completed)
  • Help with preservation projects in the historic home (year round) such as proper storage for artifacts, scanning documents, preservation and storage projects related to textiles, historic/period clothing, a stamp collection, books, documents, photos, etc.
  • Helping with historical tours/education (summer)

Whatcom County Parks

Continue with inventory projects at other park locations once Hovander is completed (year round)
Contact lead ranger Dennis Conner for information regarding schedules and projects.

Students will have to provide their own transportation to and from the park which is in Ferndale, WA, or the main park office off the Mt. Baker highway.


5299 Nielsen Ave
Ferndale, WA 98248
(360) 733-2900

Hovander Homestead Park website