Anthropology Department Labs

Primate Evolution and Osteology Lab

Dr. Tesla Monson

Projects on morphological analysis of extant and fossil vertebrates, especially primates.

UNLV Human Sexuality & Intimacies Lab

Dr. Yeon Jung Yu

Our lab collaborates with top researchers at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) on various projects related to gender, love, and intimacy.

Archaeology Lab

Dr. Todd Koetje

The archaeology lab is open to the public through appointment, and the staff said they love having visitors come by, especially potential anthropology majors.

Applied Anthropology Lab

Dr. Yeon Jung Yu

Professor Yeon Jung Yu is a cultural and medical anthropologist with research interests in social networks, sex work, HIV/AIDS, drug use, and social stigma.

Medical Anthropology Lab

Dr. Sean Bruna

Dr. Sean Bruna is a qualitative health researcher who uses collaborative mixed-methods research to examine the intersections of identity, health and other social issues.

Biological Anthropology Lab

M. J. Mosher

WWU-Manchester Infectious Diseases and Equity Lab

Dr. Yeon Jung Yu

WWU-Manchester Infectious Diseases and Equity Lab collaborates with international researchers on various projects related to COVID-19 and other infectious diseases.

Genetic Anthropology Lab

Cultural Anthropology Lab