Anthropology Faculty & Staff

Department Chair

Judith takes a selfie in front of a stone building. She wears a patterned blue shirt, a scarf with a leaf pattern, and glasses.

Judith Pine

Professor Department Chair
AH 340


headshot of Sean Bruna

Sean Bruna, PhD

Associate Professor Director of Graduate Studies
Tesla stands on the snowy trail, hands on hips in front of mountains

Tesla Monson

Assistant Professor
AH 320
Yeon Jung stands on a busy street at night, wearing a conference badge and a white sweater. The building behind Yeon is lit brightly.

Yeon Jung Yu, PhD

Associate Professor Assistant Director of Graduate Studies
AH 331

Visiting Professors

dr cheryl matthew

Cheryl Matthew, PhD

Assistant Professor
AH 305

Affiliated Faculty

Lourdes Gutierrez Najera in front of a library of books

Lourdes Gutierrez Nájera, PhD

Associate Professor/Director of American Cultural Studies
AW 312
Photo of Prof. Johnston

Christine Johnston

Assistant Professor
Bond Hall 336
nicole torres in the forest

Nicole Torres, PhD

Assistant Professor, Woodring College of Education
MH 316D


Robert (Bob) stands next to the Capitol Reflecting Poolin Washington, D.C., with the Capitol building in the distance

Robert Marshall

Professor Emeritus
M.J. hugs a child around 7 years of age while on a beach with sand, rock, and seaweed

M. J. Mosher

Professor Emerita


Lauren Townshend drinks from a large coffee mug in the office, which overlooks a forested area.

Lauren Townshend

Administrative Services Manager
AH 315
Maeg holding her dog maggie on zoom

Maeg Demmons

Program Coordinator
AH 315

Research Associate

Mike smiles and wears a blue button-up shirt, in front of a gray background

Mike Etnier

Affiliate Research Associate
AH 302
Laure Spake, Research Associate and an Instructor in the Department of Anthropology at Western Washington University, looks over her shoulder as she stands near a body of water.

Laure Spake

Research Associate Instructor