Anthropology Education, BA or BAE

Anthropology Education Advisor

Dr. Judith Pine

About Anthropology/Education-Elementary & Secondary

The Anthropology Department provides a combined major in accordance with the Woodring College of Education requirements. Anthropology is an approved endorsement for elementary/secondary education. Anthropology is a particularly desirable major concentration for teachers, because it provides a broad and basic understanding of human behavior. Prospective teachers will often work with students of various cultural backgrounds and an awareness of specific cultural learning influences, perception, attitudes, motivations, and behavior is an integral part of working with students from diverse backgrounds. This is the basis of the core subjects in cultural anthropology.

Through the required basic courses in Anthropology, education majors will acquire an understanding of the nature of human beings, the evolution of the human species and the tremendous variation of cultural traits that are both our heritage and potential. Through faculty advisement, prospective students will be informed of advanced coursework that are beneficial combinations to complete individual academic goals. One possible emphasis is the culture of the Native American Indians - a subject that most elementary teachers cover at some point in their curriculum. Another emphasis may be cultural minority groups in the Pacific Northwest. The relationship of cultural learning to personality development and the relationship of cultural expectations to the learning process itself are other important areas covered by courses which may be taken as part of the Anthropology Education Major.

Grade Requirements

A grade of C (2.0) or better is required for courses in the elementary education professional program and all courses required for the endorsement.

Degree Coursework & Requirements